Top Places to Study Abroad from a Wheaton Perspective

With the weather starting to warm up here in Wheaton IL, students are moving their focus away from schoolwork and looking ahead at sights of sand and sun to determine where they should go for a summer semester abroad!
We collaborated with students from Wheaton College and the College of DuPage. They talked to us about some of their favorite places they have traveled to.

Spain – International College of Seville

Seville is a warm, charming city filled with a lot of rich cultural heritage. It has an antique charm to it and a pacing that encourages you to take time for yourself. You can make the most out of your trip through sightseeing and becoming immersed with its culture.008_giralda_theredlist

“My semester in Seville was extraordinary and an experience that I will never forget. When I decided to study abroad, I did not expect to fall in love with the city and the people. I met some of my best friends in Seville and I am still keep in close contact with them. I will never forget how hospitable and helpful they were towards me and I left Seville feeling more like a native than a tourist.”

– Ashley from Wheaton College

“Seville is not about yesterday, and not about tomorrow. It is about today… and every day is beautiful in Seville. By the way, for everyone who lives in the cold northern parts of the US, there are palm trees in Seville; lots of ’em!!”

– Michael from College of DuPage

France – Alliance Fran├žaise de Bordeaux

Bordeaux is considered by many to be France’s most beautiful city. It offers a vibrant cultural life and architecture that shows off its rich, historical tradition.


My classmates and I would often explore Paris together, going out for drinks, to see movies, etc., and some of us even rented a car one weekend and drove to the beach in Normandy. Overall – the Alliance Francaise provided great teaching, wonderful support and a fabulous place for building friendships – I highly recommend the program!”

– Lindsay, from Wheaton College

All of the students in the Wheaton Area we talked to said the most important things to remember was to make sure your passport is all set, file any visa paperwork that needs to be done, and make sure that flight arrangements are all set.

Here at U-Stor-It Carol Stream, we support all of the students in Wheaton area traveling abroad and expanding their horizons.

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