Tips for Attic Storage, U-Stor-It Lincoln Park

Here in San Diego, California it is extremely rare to find a basement or space for easy storage. Fortunately many homes have attics, but storing items above your head is a process. Our Lincoln Park U-Stor-It team has the tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly as it can.

Install Lights

Even rarer than a basement is an attic that is developed to have light fixtures. Whether it’s a simple push light or old lamp, your experience will be greatly improved from the alternative of trying to do everything with a flashlight!

“I recommend the push light. You might not have easy access to an electric plug for a lamp or light fixture. The push light is battery operated and can be mounted easily to any wall or wood beam. The push light is exactly what it sounds like, simply touch it to turn it on and off.”

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Place Plywood Flooring Down

Many attics don’t have major open area—instead there are wood beams with only insulation in between them. It’s a horrible mistake to place anything on top of the insulation as that is the only thing in-between your item and a hole in the ceiling below you.

Installing plywood flooring is easier than anticipated. Simply buy the plywood and lay it down evenly distributed over the wood beams. Be aware of the quality of the ply wood, but generally it should be able to hold you and the weight of your belongings without collapsing.

Take Advantage of Storage Bins

It’s unlikely you’ll be heading up and down to access the attic all the time. This means easy access doesn’t necessarily become top priority. Instead saving space, especially in such a confined space, becomes the necessity.

Group your smaller items and place them in labeled stackable bins. The downside of attic storage is that it is extremely difficult to store large items; you may need a storage unit for these large items. At least with the smaller to medium sized items, just about everything can fit into these bins making storage very efficient.

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