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How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Winter is right around the corner, are you ready to get your boat safely stored away before the elements hit? Fear not, the friendly staff at Storage Solutions Limestone are here to help with everything you need to get your boat ready for winter storage!

Step 1: Change Your Oil

To avoid corroding the engine, change the filter and flush it out so that no water remains, then add the new oil. This is often overlooked and could save your boat’s life!

Step 2: Refresh The Coolant System

Empty the current coolant and clean with fresh water. Pour in the fresh antifreeze, paying attention to dilute it properly. This will make sure your engine doesn’t freeze or corrode.

Step 3: Spray with Fogging Oil

While your engine is turning over, spray fogging oil into the carburetor. This will protect the moving parts from the harsh winter elements.

winter storage
via: http://www.marine-products.com
Step 4: Remove Drive Belts

Prevent your drive belts from cracking under pressure by loosening them or taking them off completely before you take your beloved boat down to storage.

Step 5: Grease the Steering Mechanism

To make sure your boat is ready to go when winter has passed, grease the steering mechanism and keep everything moist. Also make sure the joints are covered.

Step 6: Disconnect the Battery

Make sure you disconnect your boat’s battery to ensure it doesn’t die out while it’s in winter storage. Many people forget this only to find there boat has ran out of juice once Spring rolls around. Don’t fall victim to this, think ahead now!

Step 7: Fill your Gas Tank

Fill your gas tank up to avoid condensation that can build up and corrode the tank. Tip: add gasoline stabilizer to make sure your fuel is ready when you take the boat out of storage.

Step 8: Seal Exhaust Ports on Inboard Boats

Cover the exhaust openings on your boat to make sure no unwanted critters turn your boat into a home during the winter. Duct tape should get the job done.

Step 9: Take Care of the Interior

Any electronics left on the boat are vulnerable to the conditions while it’s in storage. Take anything you don’t want to freeze out of the boat and don’t forget anything canvas, leather, or fabric that could catch mold or mildew.

Step 10: Wash and Wax

Clean the boat well inside and out, and then apply wax afterwards. Wax will protect your boat from rust and the harsh conditions in general.

Step 11: Use a Cover

And finally, put a nice cover on the boat to make sure it is nice and snug this winter. The cover will protect from dirt, dust, and moisture.

winter storage
via: vail-insurance.com

If you follow these steps you will have your beautiful boat ready to go when the snow melts! Our Storage Solutions Limestone location has everything you need to make your boat winter storage process a breeze.

Westmont Halloween: 3 Events This Fall Season

Halloween is here and we are ready to keep you informed of all the great Westmont Halloween events near you! From Haunted Hayrides to Costume Parades, strap in and get ready for a very fun Halloween Season!

Westmont’s Wicked West Fest

Scarecrow Decorating Contest


Date: October 9th, 2017 – October 23rd, 2017
Time: 8:00am-3:00pm
Location: Downtown Westmont on Cass

Want to get extra creative this Halloween? Westmont’s Chamber is hosting an event for you. Gather your friends and family to decorate a scarecrow! All entries will be on display in downtown Westmont for the entire Westmont community to cast their votes for their favorite scarecrow! All winners will be announced at the Village of Westmont Board meeting on October 26th.

3 Votes can be submitted
– Best Scarecrow by a Business
– Best Scarecrow by a Community Organization
– Best Scarecrow by a group of Children

$5.00 to Enter a Scarecrow
FREE to Vote

Directions from U-Stor-It Westmont to see the scarecrows on display are as follows
1. Leave the U-Stor-It Westmont Parking Lot and head west on Plaza Dr toward Blackhawk Dr
2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Blackhawk Dr
3. Turn right onto Algonquin Rd
4. Turn left onto Iroquois Dr
5. Turn right onto Burlington Ave
6. Turn left onto Cass Ave
7. Destination will be on the right

Corner of Cass Avenue and W Dallas St in Westmont, IL 60559

Westmont Halloween Haunted Forest Tour

Date: October 21st, 2017
Location: Diane Main Park

For one night only, Twin Lakes Woods will host a magical night of fun! Guided tours on hay racks will take participant’s throughout the first half of the trail, telling stories of the haunted woods. The trail will become alive with ghouls, creatures and more as you make your way through.

$6 ticket sales will range from 4:30-9:00pm with tours throughout that time. Get there early, as the popularity of the event from prior years will surely draw crowds.

Merry Monsters Matinee (Kid Friendly): 5:00-6:30pm
Sheer Terror Tours: 7:00-9:30pm

Directions from U-Stor-It Westmont
1. Leave the U-Stor-It Westmont Parking Lot and head west on Plaza Dr toward Blackhawk Dr
2. Turn left onto N Cass Ave
3. Turn right onto W 59th St
4. The Westmont Haunted Forest Tour will be on the right

Twin Lakes Learning Center
200 W 59th St, Westmont, IL 60559

Halloween Fun Fair of Westmont

Date: October 31st, 2017
Location: Westmont Community Center

What better way to spend your Halloween than at a FREE Carnival! Packed with prizes and carnival games galore, join the Westmont Community Center for a family friendly evening of trick or treating! With special event features like a monster bounce house and Parade of Costumes, it is sure to be an evening to remember. Join the parade to win a special prize from the Westmont Park District! Fresh food and drink will also be served!

Games: 4:30-6:15pm
Concessions: 4:30pm
Parade of Costumes: 6:30 pm
Showtime: 6:45 pm

Directions from U-Stor-It Westmont
1. Leave the U-Stor-It Westmont Parking Lot and Head west on Plaza Dr toward Blackhawk Dr
2. Turn left onto N Cass Ave
3. Turn left onto E Richmond St
4. The Halloween Fun Fair of Westmont will be on the right

Westmont Park District Community
75 E Richmond St, Westmont, IL 60559

Storing Baby Clothes – 6 Easy Tips

From baby booties to flower dresses, there are so many outfits that must be saved for all eternity. Special garments are saved for a multitude of reasons – a valued memento,  special hand-me-down, or even for your future grandchildren. It can be challenging to choose what baby clothes to keep, given the emotional attachment these pieces have, and even harder to store the safely. Here are some helpful tips, for experts who once stood in your shoes.

Desert Island Scenario

Oftentimes when you keep too much, you forget why you kept an item in the first place or why it was so important. “Choose only the clothes that have strong sentimental value and are in good condition,” Susan Manning of Streeterville says. There’s plenty of outfits to choose from, but save the ones that preserve a meaningful memory. The perfect question to ask yourself is, “If I was on a Desert Island, what one item would I keep.” Something handmade from a lost relative or a baby blanket are important to save.


Wash, Dry, Repeat

Wash or dry clean any clothes that you wish to put into storage. Often times clothes may house unseen stains that may come to the surface with time, if they are not properly treated and prepared correctly. Once thoroughly cleaned, wrap each piece in archival, acid free tissue.

Note: do not store any clothing or garments in plastic bags. Mildew can develop from the trapping of moisture within plastic bags – inevitably causing your clothing to smell.

Wash Baby Clothes

Keep Baby Clothes Separate

Frequently we do not just keep baby clothes. Toys, books, and other baby keepsakes are also great mementos of your time as a new parent. Do keep these items, but avoid storing them in the same storage container as the clothing you wish to keep. With age, battery operated toys, crayons, and even books may stain your garments or eventually create an undesirable odor.


Choosing the correct storage container for clothing is important to ensure that the material remains in the condition you left it in for future use. Jessica Lindt of Wheaton, IL explains that “bunching multiple sizes together can create problems, develop a system.” Keep each clothing size to a different size box, otherwise you will create a new mess when it comes time to find the special onesie that you brought home from the hospital.

Other ways to organize your boxes can include color coordination. Red for 3T, Blue for 5T, and so on. Stick with plastic bins if you can. Other materials may stain clothing over time.

Whichever boxes you choose make sure they are acid-free or plastics, made of polypropylene.

Note: These plastics will show a PP or #5 to indicate that they are in fact polypropylene.

baby storage box

Location, Location, Location

Lindt of Wheaton also recommends to avoid any and all damp areas, including attics, basements, garages, sheds. All of these areas can experience drastic temperature changes, especially in the Chicagoland areas, that can affect the materials stored. Look into a suitable climate-controlled solution – such as an area under the bed, an interior closet, or even a storage unit.

It is best to do an annual check on items like these to make sure they remain in the condition you left them in. If the condition has otherwise changed, make alterations to the location you have stored them in.

Save Space & Get Creative

Given any circumstances, maybe you are not able to save all of the clothing from your son or daughter’s early years – but you still want to keep a memento to document the memories. Although this may seem hard, some moms say – Resist! Carol J. of River North in Chicago says that for years she had kept little things, which continued building and building, eventually “overwhelming her living space.”

Here are a few ideas to keep the memory and avoid the mess.

    • Take photos of the garments, outfits, and fashions. For starters, those overalls will never look as cute as they did when your son was wearing them on the local tire swing. Take lots of pictures of your children in action. They’ll make the clothes look even better and help you better remember the moment.
    • Scrapbooking is oftentimes a therapeutic way to archive your past. Cut a pocket, logo, or graphic image off of your child’s favorite shirt (once they’ve grown out of course) and keep it for a page in your scrapbook. If a scrapbook is not your style, try a shirt quilt or a shadow box.

  • Maybe letting go is more difficult for you. Think about donating to a worthy cause that you’d like to support. Hand-me-downs are excellent for social services or foster care organizations. Jenny Parsons, from the Beverly area of Chicago, went above and beyond collecting “unwanted clothes from friends, families, and neighbors during the holidays.” Instead of donating to any organization, she went directly to people in need of clothing in downtown Chicago – allowing them to pick and choose the sizes they need for their children. The added bonus was buying additional food and supplies (water, tooth brushes, hand sanitizer) so people did not leave empty handed. “It allowed us to free up extra space and give our children an opportunity to make a difference.”
  • Tight on a budget? You may be able to make a few dollars by selling or putting your extra baby clothes up for consignment. In going this route to could be able to buy new garments for new memories.


We know it’s tough, but you’ve got a long road ahead full of torn jeans, busted Converse, and poodle skirts – so pick your favorites and live in the moment, because it only lasts now.

River East Lofts: The Pros and Cons of Loft Living

Lofts can be one of the most luxurious and sought-after apartment types out there. They are especially popular in the River East, Chicago neighborhood and offer their residents many benefits — however, like most things, they have some drawbacks. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of living in a loft.

Pro: High Ceilings

As remodeled commercial buildings, loft apartments typically have vaulted ceilings – often in the 10’ to 15’ range.  High ceilings make the place feel open and spacious—something you won’t necessarily find in a traditional apartment layout. Often times loft-style apartments have more windows, so if you don’t like feeling closed in, a loft-style apartment gives you the light and airy surroundings you desire.

Con: Expensive Utilities

Huge windows and old construction can mean major heating and cooling costs if the temperatures in your city fluctuate with the seasons. And in Chicago as we all know, they do quite a bit.

River East
Pro: Open Layout

Lofts are inherently wide open, with very little walls or barriers. This makes even the smallest lofts feel spacious and provides plenty of decorating opportunities. Artists and other creatives often prefer this layout so that they can make the space their own and feed their creativity.

Con: Limited Storage

Because lofts are so open, this often means they lack closets, cupboards, or other storage areas that require walls. This gives many loft owners headaches when they try to store away their possessions in a way that they’re not cluttered in plain sight. That is why self-storage is a loft owner’s best friend. U-Stor-It South Loop is conveniently located at 615 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60605 and has everything you need to keep your loft uncluttered and luxurious.

Pro: Industrial Style Details

One of the charming characteristics of a typical loft apartment is the inherent industrial-type details in the architecture. Exposed brick walls or air ducts are not uncommon in loft apartment. These details are often embraced as these help to create an chic, relaxed vibe within the space.

Lofts certainly aren’t for everyone — but if you prefer a wide-open, airy creative space, they’re just what you need.

How to Drive a Moving Truck Like a Pro

If you’re like most of us, you don’t drive large commercial trucks for a living. You’re moving this weekend, and you have to drive this big obnoxious truck across Chicago. And in a tight downtown area like Chicago Loop, it’s even more difficult. Have no fear, here are five tips to get you from your old place to your new home without a problem.

1.     Know Your Space

First of all, and most obvious of all, a moving truck is much larger than most cars. It’s important to get to know the size of the truck before you take off; this includes the height clearance of the truck, which you can often find on a decal inside the cab, as well as the length and width. This will be important when changing lines, as you have to allow for much more room between cars in front of you and behind you.

Chicago Loop
2.     Take It Slow

Some may find this obvious as well, but it’s surprising how often people drive moving trucks like they’re sedans. Moving is stressful and time is of the essence, but take your time while driving. Don’t drive over the speed limit, and realize that the truck is much heavier than your usual car and takes much longer to stop, so you have to begin braking sooner than normal.

3.     Turn Carefully

Realize that a large truck requires considerably more clearance to make turns, especially right ones. Slow down as much as you need and allow more space for wider turns so you don’t turn over.

4.     Don’t Back Up

Just don’t. Whenever possible, park the truck so that you can exit forward and avoid parking in small lots where you’d have to have your passenger get out and direct you out of your spot. Remember, moving trucks don’t have rear-view mirrors like regular cars.

5.     Fuel Up

This is especially important on longer trips. Moving trucks average about 12 miles per gallon on fuel efficiency, much lower than your average car; make sure you’ve planned out when to fuel up and how much to expect to pay to keep that truck moving.

For more help with moving or storage, visit our U-Stor-It South Loop location where our friendly and helpful managers will get you just what you need. Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago Loop, we are more than equipped to assist with any and all moving/storage needs. Here’s to a smooth and stress-free move!

Book Storage Ideas for Small Apartments – Printer’s Row

Printer’s Row is known for its rich history in books and literature, and whether you’re a big reader or just a student with books piling up, it’s always a struggle to get that book collection under control in your small Chicago apartment. Rather than cramming them into the corner of your room or under the bed, try some of these creative storage solutions to make great use of that small space.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If your landlord allows it, wall-mounted shelves are a great option as they save the space that a large bookcase would take away. You can get very creative with these, arranging them in any which way and whatever best suits your space. To maximize storage, install shelving all the way up to the ceiling and all the way across the wall.

Printer's Row
Printer's Row

If you can’t use an entire wall for storage, consider installing shelving along the top of the wall, or in corners like these examples above.

Get Book-Friendly Furniture

Whether you’re looking to pick up a couple pieces of furniture for a new apartment or just trying to switch up the old stuff you already have, opting for book-friendly furniture can be both stylish and practical. If you’re in the market for a coffee table, get one that has storage underneath it or inside it, perhaps a crate or shelving style. Need a new nightstand? Grab one that allows you to store books with sleek and stylish shelving. There are even some reading chairs available that offer book storage underneath seat or in the sides alone the arms. Whatever type of furniture you’re looking for, you can find pieces that serve your book storage needs.

Printer's Row
No Furniture, No Problem

Don’t want to spend a lot on furniture or shelves? No problem. The greatest thing about books is that they’re stylish all on their own. Stack them proudly along the hallway, on a table, or in the living room and they will become a nice addition to any space.

Printer's Row

Too many books for your small apartment? Self-storage is a great option as well; For fairly cheap, you can rent a small, secure storage unit to free up space at home and hold on to that precious book collection. U-Stor-It South Loop is conveniently located at 615 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60605 and serves Printer’s Row as well as the South Loop area.

Merrionette Park Hosts 5th Annual Magicpalooza

Back for its 5th year, Magicpalooza will appear out of thin air in the heart of Merrionette Park! The event is hosted by Open Heart Magic and will feature food, an open bar, magic, raffles and live music from Windy City Rev Ups.

Proceeds from the event will support Open Heart Magic’s efforts at hospitals on the south side to engage, inspire, and help children during such a stressful and uncertain time. It strives to reach young patients one-by-one regardless of their disease, medical situation or physical ability so that all children may benefit from the engaging and entertaining therapy.

Tickets for Magicpalooza are $40 and are available online and at the door on the day of the event. To purchase tickets, visit the website at openheartmagic.org.

Directions to Magicpalooza

Magicpalooza will be located at 3359 West 115th Street, Merrionette Park, IL 60803. Our U-Stor-It Beverly storage facility is located less than 2 miles away at 11118 S Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60655. From U-Stor-It Beverly, directions to the event are as follows:

  • Head west on W 111th St toward S Talman Ave.
  • Turn left onto S Kedzie Ave.
  • Turn right onto W 115th St, and the event will be on your left!

Elmhurst Businesses: Benefits of Self-Storage

Office space is expensive, limited, and can become cluttered very quickly. Thus, tons of Elmhurst business owners rent storage units for various uses, such as:

  • Storing documents, files and paperwork
  • Freeing up office space by storing items that aren’t needed on a daily basis
  • Storing office furniture and equipment
  • Holding stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis
  • Storing office equipment and files during a move
  • As a small-scale distribution center

The possibilites for storage are endless and can help your business regardless of the industry. Here are some of the ways self-storage can give your Elmhurst business a boost.

Save Money

By using storage, many businesses have found that they can operate without having an actual office, or just use storage to house their inventory or other materials. As storage units are priced much lower than office spaces or warehouses, it’s easy to see why a smart business owner would go for the cheaper option.


U-Stor-It Elmhurst is conveniently located right off the 83 highway at 877 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL 60126. With truck rental, a large heated loading bay, and easily accessible ground-level units, we have everything you need to make your storage process a breeze.


With various shapes and sizes available, storage facilities make it easy to increase your storage unit size as your business grows, which means there is no need to rent larger and more expensive office spaces.


If your business is storing inventory, files, or other valuable supplies, you will want them to be safe, secured, and monitored 24/7. U-Stor-It Elmhurst offers video surveillance, gated access, and on-site management to do just that. You work hard for your business, and we work hard to protect it.

Self-storage can open up capabilities that your business never had before, and save you money at the same time.

HispanoFest Melrose Park Is Back!

For more than 20 years, HispanoFest Melrose Park has been bringing together residents to celebrate Hispanic culture and promote the advancement of the Hispanic Community through educational and leadership development. To this day, 140 scholarships have been awarded to local Hispanic students at the event with even more to come this year!

From September 8th – 10th, HispanoFest at the Melrose Park Village Complex will have music, food, and carnival rides for all Melrose Park residents to enjoy. On Saturday the 9th at 11am, the HispanoFest Parade will begin and go on until 1pm. The festival will conclude on Sunday the 10th with the scholarship rewards being presented at 7:15pm. Bring the whole family out for a weekend of fun!

Directions to HispanoFest Melrose Park

HispanoFest will be located at 1000 25th Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160. Our U-Stor-It Melrose Park storage facility is located 2 miles away at 4501 W North Ave, Melrose Park 60160. From U-Stor-It Melrose Park, directions to HispanoFest are as follows:

  • From the U-Stor-It parking lot, turn right onto W North Ave toward 46th Ave.
  • Turn left onto 46th Ave.
  • Turn left onto E North Ave.
  • Turn right onto N 25th Ave, and you will have arrived at the festival, on your right. Enjoy!

Back To School Tech Must-Haves

It’s already here. The end of summer. I know, it all happened so fast. As you’re starting to pack for school, make sure you pick up these back to school tech must-haves to stay ahead of the game this semester and make your roommates jealous.

1. A Smart Pen

Smartphones, smart watches, smart cars, and now… Smart pens? Yup, they’re here and they’ll make your life a lot easier by making note-taking a breeze. By converting handwriting to digital text, you can go seamlessly between your physical notebook and your digital one. Not only that, but many come with built-in microphones to record lectures, and even convert those lectures into text. Pretty cool, huh? Pick one up here.

back to school tech
2. Tablet Keyboard

If you’re one that likes to be light and quick, you probably use a tablet for class rather than a heavy laptop. Outfit that tablet with a keyboard to make typing easy as can be. Grab one here.

3. Voice Assistant

Adding a voice assistant will allow you to change music, make calls, send and receive messages, even change the color of the lights in your dorm, all hands-free and voice-controlled. These are bound to impress any guests you have over, and can be relatively cheap.

4. A Smart Bulb… Or 10

Smart bulbs are the next step in your back to school dominance. They can be paired with a voice assistant as well as your smart phone to change the colors in your dorm room. An instant conversation starter and vibe-creator. Buy one, or buy 10, and make your whole house a customizable experience.

back to school tech
5. An E-Reader

Ditch the textbooks this year. Get a nice e-reader that you can download everything on to make your backpack lighter and your wallet thicker.

6. A Charging Station

As you start to rack up the amount of devices you have, your charging situation will quickly become a mess. Handle the mess with a sleek charging station that will keep all your devices in one place and ready to go when you leave for class in the morning.

As you prepare this year’s new tech arsenal and pack away the old stuff, consider using storage to keep your old technology and furniture safely packed away and keep the clutter out of your dorm. Back to school doesn’t have to be a drag – get excited about the new year by upgrading your technology game.