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Auburn Gresham Living: Moving from Apartment to House

Moving to your first house after living in apartment complexes for your whole life is an exciting new chapter to begin. More space, privacy, and your own parking spot is a lot to be excited about. Unfortunately with all of this excitement, also comes overwhelming pressure on how to make it work. Here’s a few tips that will help you settle into that new dream home of yours in Auburn Gresham with ease.

1) Furnishing the New Space

While it may be exciting to see how much more space you have, it will definitely take some work to fill up all that extra space that you didn’t have in your old apartment. If the furniture you had in your last apartment all shared a consistent style and theme, be sure to stay consistent with that look in your new home when looking for new furniture to add. This will ensure that the overall finished interior design of your home looks crisp. Here’s a few ideas for how to find furniture at a favorable price:
Ikea is always an option. The quality of the products may not be the best and they may deteriorate over time, but you can count on finding some modern designs that may just suit the style of your new home in Auburn Gresham. You can always count on package sets and other deals that make a trip to Ikea a great idea when shopping on a budget.
Craigslist. With this option, you are guaranteed to find the cheapest prices out there from second hand sellers, all in your local area.
Check with friends and family if they have furniture they no longer need. There’s no better price than free!

2) Hire Movers

Auburn Gresham, Self-Storage, Movers, Storage, Chicago

This is almost a necessity. It takes a lot of hard, physical work to move your belongings into a home, especially if there are multiple floors. By hiring movers, it will make the moving process much faster, while also probably saving you from pulling a muscle at some point.

3) Prepare for Yardwork

A major perk of moving into a house is having that lawn space you’ve always dreamed about. Whether it’s used for outdoor games, gardening, or relaxing, it’s important to know that it requires constant upkeep. A trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot might be a good idea so you can stock up on lawn mowers, lawn care products, and outdoor furniture. Also, be sure to have a general idea of what kind of insects populate your area so you know what insect repellants to buy. The last thing you want are ants invading your new home!

4) Meet your Neighbors

Socialize! Another great thing about moving into a residential neighborhood is the opportunity it provides you with meeting new people and making new friends who live around you. This will make you feel more comfortable adjusting to living there, knowing who is a part of your community. Who knows, some of them may even offer to help with your move.

You’re now ready to move into your new home in Auburn Gresham! Enjoy that new dream home of yours and don’t forget to check back here for more blogs to come. To learn more about our availability with storage units at our Auburn Gresham location, click here.

Carol Stream Apartments: Studio Apartment Tips

Here is U-Stor-It’s Guide to Carol Stream Apartments

Step 1: Create your own mini-living areas

Okay, so lets face facts. Studios are one big room, so you don’t get the luxury of walls dividing your living space. It may be weird at first, but the best way to create an illusion of rooms at your new studio apartment in Carol Stream is to arrange and store your furnishings in an organized way that create small, “wall-free” living spaces. For example create a designated work area, sleep area, eating area, and relaxing/living area.

Step 2: Natural Sunlight Exposure

If possible, choose an apartment in the complex that has good exposure to sunlight. This is a great trick for making your small apartment feel a little bigger, by creating an illusion of more depth and space.

Step 3: Utilize Storage-Friendly Furniture

Given that you’ll probably be tight on space, depending on the size of some Carol Stream apartments, or on how many things you own, one great way of saving space is to invest in a pull-out couch that transforms to a bed. It may not be the most comfortable mattress, but at least it will give you a lot more space to work with when decorating.

Step 4: Store the things you don’t need

This is when we come in to help! Don’t let those big items you use once a year (i.e. holiday decorations) get in the way of your living. Our Carol Stream location will be able to make this as simple and safe as it gets. Some of the features include drive-in loading docks to minimize any heavy lifting, and ground floor rentals to make the move even easier. To ensure that your belongings stay in good shape, we also provide climate-controlled storage units. For more information on the variety of units we offer, click here.

Step 5: Enjoy your new home in Carol Stream!

If you have checked off all the items above when moving in to your new apartment, then you’re all set. Enjoy your stylish and spacious studio!

Top 3 Tips for Bathroom Organization

Carol Stream & Wheaton, Illinois Storage:
Bathrooms range in shape and size, but a common challenge among all of them is instilling well organized storage of all your toiletries.  Whether you are in a house, apartment, or condo you can benefit from these bathroom organization tips.

Create Artificial Space

If you are really lacking in cabinet, shelf, or counter space consider artificially creating some. If you have a small shower purchase a cheap corner shelf that easily attaches to the walls by suction power. These shelves are very strong if attached well, but they are easily and seamlessly removed when you no longer need it. Non-corner shaped shelves can also be applied to bathroom mirrors.


Add small racks or hooks without drilling into the wall with adhesive brands such as Command. The formulas behind the adhesive create a strong bond with the wall that can withstand many pounds of force, but also are easy to remove. The adhesives are made to easily peel off once stretched, and won’t damage the wall while releasing.


Grouping allows you to take advantage of as much space as possible. A cup or mug can be placed on the counter and can easily store all toothbrush accessories and toothpaste. Drawer dividers give your items a special place to always return to when you are done with them.


If you are really pushing for space consider a shower caddie. You can store all of the items in the caddie and keep the caddie in the abundance of space you have somewhere else in your residence. This allows you to use the valuable bathroom space for only large toiletries such as lotions or mouthwash.

If all else fails consider remodeling the bathroom or moving to a place with a layout that more suits you. After all, a little change is never a bad thing.

Carol Stream Storage

Maximizing Your Dorm Room Space

More recently, the appearance of minimalist lifestyles have been growing in popularity. However, when you are moving into a dorm or apartment for college, the minimalist look is not an option. Space is limited and you are going to have to think of some solutions to storing all your possessions into the cramped living quarters. Preparing for how you are going to store your stuff will ultimately assist in maximizing your space and preventing your quarters from feeling cluttered. With the help of some of our team at U-Stor-It Self Storage South Loop near Roosevelt University in Chicago we have found some tips for uncramping your style!

Container Storage

Lifting your bed with bed risers will provide a space beneath to place containers and drawers.

“If you’d like, you can line your storage containers with decorative paper to prevent seeing whatever it is you are storing inside them.”

-Gloria, Assistant Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage South Loop

bed college dorm room

Closet Storage

You will want to be using all the potential space in your closet. It is highly recommended to purchase a hanging shelf which could be used for storing shoes, sweaters, or any excess clothing. Using Cascading Hangers could also help in maximizing storage space. Each of these hangers can hold up to five articles of clothing at different heights, allowing you to fit even more into your closet.

“Once you have everything organized, use a curtain attached to a simple closet rod to hide all your clothing from sight.”

-Gloria, Assistant Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage South Loop

clothing college dorm room

Divider Storage

Drawer organization is essential to fitting everything into a tight space while maintaining easy access to whatever it is you need. Dividers can be used to help with desks, clothing drawers, jewelry/makeup, technology organization (i.e. cords), and school supplies.

furniture college dorm room

Hanger Storage

Keep in mind that you will want to prevent accumulation on your floor to the best of your ability. Try placing hooks around your room for all remaining miscellaneous items. This could be on the back of your door or near your desk. In most dorms, you will not be allowed to drill holes into the walls, however command hooks are a great substitute. They can be used for photos, purses, coats, whiteboards, keys, or wall storage bins.

document college dorm room

Using small tricks like these can absolutely assist in maximizing space in your dorm. Remember to plan how you will organize and store everything coming to college with you to create a clean and spacious room. At the end of the school year, when you are looking for a space to store all of your things, U-Stor-It on 615 S. Wabash will safely and securely store any of your belongings until you are ready to move back in.

How to Make Use of Your Useless Surfboards

Let’s face it San Diego, our surfboards are accumulating dust, reminding us of that time we tried to fit the Southern California surfer stereotype. We’ve all been there… but we can’t just throw them out or give them away — they were expensive and deep down, we are still hoping that one day we may become the next Kelly Slater or Alana Blanchard. While the surfer image is appealing, surfboards take up a lot of space. No matter how often we try to rearrange them or find a place to store them, they seem to always be in the way. So you may ask, are surfboards really worth keeping if they cause such a hassle?

Yes! Even waterlogged or retired surfboards have great potential to become an interesting decor piece for your home and may be a fun art project as well!

Our team at U-Stor-It is always looking for ways to help brighten and improve our living space. We’ve developed a few creative ways to incorporate your surfboard into your home without wasting space. With the right supplies you can turn your unusable surfboard into a piece of art or furniture.

Mosaics and Chalkboard’s:

This is a great activity to do with your friends and family this summer. The right supplies and a positive attitude are all you need to make a beautiful piece of art to brighten your home. If you are looking for something to do with a skimboard or surfboard that has been laying around collecting dust, you can easily turn it into a chalkboard to hang on your wall in three easy steps.

  1. Cover the board with chalkboard spray paint and let it sit for a day.
  2. Use acrylic paint to decorate the borders (optional).
  3. Drill two holes for string to hang the board around your home!
Photo used from Pleasure in Simple Things. Small aesthetic alterations in your home, whether it be  in San Diego or elsewhere could brighten nearly every environment.

For more of a challenge, try creating a mosaic. Your finished masterpiece will give your home a unique flare and leave you feeling like an accomplished craftsman.

surfboard 4
Photo used from Saatchiart

Shelves and Tables:

If you love a good arts and craft project, we have just the one for you! A great way to spruce up your living room or bed side is by adding a homemade surfboard table. York Surf  gives a great tutorial of how to make a table from your old surfboards that are taking up too much space no matter how you organize your home. Additional shelves and tables are always an easy way to add more storage space for your home and be organized.

table 2
Photo used from Houzz

Vintage Wooden Boards Provide Classic Wall Art:

Storing your surfboard has never been so easy. All you need is a small rack to attach to your wall! You can buy a rack at nearly every surf shop or hardware store and they are very affordable. Propping your board up around your home creates a beachy and relaxing environment that San Diego is known for.

Photo used from Corsurf


Items such as surfboards can be used in creative ways beyond its intended purpose. While the aforementioned art projects are a great way to reuse old surfboards, they can also be kept in storage until the next time you’re inspired to get back in the water.

U-Stor-It  offers this alternative at our newest location on 930 South 47th St San Diego CA 92113 . We safely store all your memories and possessions that are too difficult to let go. Remember to keep your mind open towards the opportunities that could keep your valuable possessions close without the consequence of clutter.


The Benefits of Being Well-Organized

Being organized has many benefits, which go past just having a tidy looking area. It includes peace of mind, increased productivity, and a general sense of happiness.  Here at U-Stor-It, we composed a list of why it’s good to be well organized.

Less Stress

There’s a reason why this is at the top of our list. If there was any single reason to keep things neat and tidy, it would be to reduce the levels of stress in your life. After all, who wants to come back to a  home  where everything is cluttered and it’s hard to find the important items you were looking for, specifically the remote.

More time

This leads us into the second benefit of being well organized. When you know where everything is, you are able to efficiently find items instead of stressing out and making a mess of things. I know because this happens to me too… If searching for an item takes an average of 10 minutes, those are 10 minutes of ‘free time’ that we can spend in numerous other ways. I would much rather spend that time doing something fun instead of having to clean up the mess we just made looking around for something in a pile of items.

Saves Money

The worst feeling in the world is when you know you have something, somewhere, hidden in your home. You look around helplessly trying to find it, only to admit defeat and buy it again. Eventually after you buy it and the return date expires you find the original item you were looking for! By being better organized, you won’t have to waste money in a situation like this since you will know where everything is.

Improved Health and Happiness

Remember earlier when I mentioned the reason why less stress is at the top of this list? With less stress in your life comes improved health. There are numerous studies that cite weight loss, increased happiness, increased immunity, longer life longevity, better relationships, and a healthier heart.

“Even if you usually eat well and exercise, chronic high stress can prevent you from losing weight—or even add pounds,” says Pamela Peeke, MD, author of Body for Life for Women.

Source: LiveStrong, Mayo Clinic, Prevention Magazine

If you need more space to get started on a happier and healthier life style check out any of our U-Stor-It locations.

Carol Stream

Valentine’s Day & Storage

What does Valentine’s Day have in common with Self-Storage? You are about to find out!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner in a few days, you might be wondering “how can I make this day extra special?” It has practically become a staple for so many people to go out and buy candy and flowers, but we want to stand out by doing something unique and memorable.

Nothing says ‘”I love you” better than a do-it-yourself craft idea! There is a saying that goes, “it’s the thought that counts” and hopefully  that thought is crafted together with some handy skills.  Here’s our top three favorite ideas.

1. Hanging Baskets for Easy Storage!

For sprucing up a bathroom all you need is a basket!


Via: Carrie Higgins

2. Mason Jar Storage


Via: Linda / Design Sponge

To add an artistic feel to your spice cabinet, use empty mason jars! You can also use this idea to put various crafts inside as well!

3. PVC Wine Rack

This is one of my favorites! All you have to do is find extra PVC piping and make sure that it is large enough to store a bottle of your favorite wine. Then, just glue them to one another and you can paint them or design them however you want!

322651-040-xlpvc wine rack

Via: All You / Apartment Therapy

Another way you can stand out by giving your special someone some extra space! Yes, that’s right, I did say space! By giving them some extra room, you’ll be able to have extra to yourselves and provide them with the office, leisure space, or room for activities they have always wanted!

To get started on finding space for your new man cave, office space, arts and craft room, or a room for whatever your heart desires – check out any of our U-Stor-It locations.

Carol Stream

Kitchen Storage Tips

Do you ever feel that you would have the perfect kitchen if you had just one more inch of room. You are not alone. In my case, I still have not found the perfect place to store utensils…utensils! With abstract kitchen designs, it can be difficult to find room for that new Vitamix 6300. Here are a few storage tips to save for some extra room in your kitchen.


Cereal Containers
We love our pets. We love to feed them right. However, its difficult to find space for their kibble when all we can find is labeled “BIG food for BIG dogs!” You order one bag and it arrives on a pallet at the shipping yard. One solution is to pour their food into cereal containers. They don’t spill, they aren’t completely awkward to use (think every time you’ve tried to pour a huge bag of dog food), they fit easily into cabinets, and most importantly they save space! They are a simple, cheap, and easy solution.


Chalkboard Organization
For some, baking is a hobby, for others it’s therapeutic, and for the rest of us…it’s frustrating. Losing measuring cups and tablespoon utensils can turn a simple afternoon of baking into a complex math equation, starting with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and ending with a burnt bundt cake and a whisk shaped hole in your wall. A simple solution can just be through organization, a can of chalkboard paint, and mountable coat hanger rack. This is an excellent way to not only a creative way keep track of your utensils, but will save you plenty of drawer space.


Cleaning Supplies
As we grow older, we stop fearing what is underneath the bed and start dreading the horrors that could be lurking underneath our kitchen sink. By adding a tension rod, you will be able to hang cleaning supplies, leaving plenty of room for bins to hold sponges, gloves, and the gremlin you weren’t supposed to feed passed midnight.


Unopenble Drawers
What’s more frustrating than an unopenable drawer? This fix is a bit more advanced, but you’ll be thanking yourself for the extra room once you complete this little project. With a couple hinges, 6 screws, and a plastic tray you’ve developed another compartment fit myriad items!