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Summer Storage Tips

Wheaton Self Storage/Carol Stream Self Storage:
Summer is right around the corner. Whether you are finishing up finals in school, or simply preparing for the warmer weather—there are many factors to keep in mind when storing your possessions this season. Our Wheaton and Carol Stream U-Stor-It staff have the key tips to keep in mind for all of your various storage needs.


If you are renting summer storage while you return home for college be sure to look into the various options that you have. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate size of unit. If you only have boxes or minimal furniture like lamps or night stands a 5×5 unit is the right size for you. If you have a bed or some extra furniture then you will likely have to bump up to a 5×10.

Many students often overestimate the size they need. Larger than a 5×10 is rarely necessary. At U-Stor-It ceilings are high so many items can be stacked to maximize space and efficiency.

Wheaton College

Snow Gear/Equipment

Sadly the skiing and snowboarding season is officially over, and so it is time to pack it up until next year. Clothes are always recommended to be vacuum sealed, however our facilities are sure to keep them safe either way.

For all equipment from snowboards to snowmobiles, preparation is necessary. Skis and snowboards should be cleaned and given a fresh coat of wax to keep the base in prime condition. If you have a bag for either that is great, but if you don’t there is no need to worry! Simply hang the equipment or leave it on top of other stored items to make sure it stays off of the ground and more easily avoids being nicked.

Large items like snow mobiles require proper cleaning and engine maintenance. They should be stored with a cover over them, and elevated by a jack so that the weight does not rest on the bearings. This prolongs the life of your possessions.

Clearing Room for Summer Guests

Be sure to take advantage of the tools and deals U-Stor-It has to offer. U-HAUL trucks are available to rent and move your items easily from your place to the facility. If you are not completely sure on the size of unit required, use the U-Stor-It storage calculator which gives a precise estimate of the measurements you will need.

Top 3 Tips for Bathroom Organization

Carol Stream & Wheaton, Illinois Storage:
Bathrooms range in shape and size, but a common challenge among all of them is instilling well organized storage of all your toiletries.  Whether you are in a house, apartment, or condo you can benefit from these bathroom organization tips.

Create Artificial Space

If you are really lacking in cabinet, shelf, or counter space consider artificially creating some. If you have a small shower purchase a cheap corner shelf that easily attaches to the walls by suction power. These shelves are very strong if attached well, but they are easily and seamlessly removed when you no longer need it. Non-corner shaped shelves can also be applied to bathroom mirrors.


Add small racks or hooks without drilling into the wall with adhesive brands such as Command. The formulas behind the adhesive create a strong bond with the wall that can withstand many pounds of force, but also are easy to remove. The adhesives are made to easily peel off once stretched, and won’t damage the wall while releasing.


Grouping allows you to take advantage of as much space as possible. A cup or mug can be placed on the counter and can easily store all toothbrush accessories and toothpaste. Drawer dividers give your items a special place to always return to when you are done with them.


If you are really pushing for space consider a shower caddie. You can store all of the items in the caddie and keep the caddie in the abundance of space you have somewhere else in your residence. This allows you to use the valuable bathroom space for only large toiletries such as lotions or mouthwash.

If all else fails consider remodeling the bathroom or moving to a place with a layout that more suits you. After all, a little change is never a bad thing.

Carol Stream Storage

Money Saving Tips for Moving on a Budget

Streamwood / Bartlett, Illinois:
Moving to a new place can be extremely exciting, but many people dread the process. Not only is it hard, but it can cost a lot of money as well. Thankfully there are ways to manage the amount you spend, and our Streamwood & Bartlett U-Stor-It storage team is here to assist you.

Find Cheap Boxes

Boxes can come at a hefty price. There are lots of options on places like Craigslist for cheap or free boxes, but that road can be a major hassle due to unreliable sources. Boxes can be found for a great price at your local U-Stor-It or from various suppliers in the area.


Garage Sale

You will be surprised how much stuff you don’t need yet let sit around in your residency. Dispose of them by selling them, giving them to friends or charity, or just throwing them in the trash or recycle bin. These items could include books, clothing, and excess furniture/décor. This will make the move lighter, and it may save a decent amount of space.

Irving Rd


If you can afford the time and effort, moving without a moving company is ideal. For many the amount of time necessary as well as the stress of the labor makes the value of a moving company significantly higher than doing it yourself. The saved time and effort of a moving company can have you feeling better in the long haul even though it puts more of a hole in your wallet.

If you do choose the DIY path you will need to plan extra time than you thought initially—the last thing you want to happen is to run out of time because the process took longer than expected.


If you need a storage facility during your move be sure to look at our local facilities. In the Streamwood and Bartlett area our facility is located at 145 W Irving Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107 near Bartlett road and Park Avenue. Whether you live in Schaumburg, Hanover Park, Elgin, or Streamwood, we’re eager to help you find the space you need.

Elmhurst to Capitilize on Electronic Recycling Drop

Elmhurst, Illinois is ready to take advantage of its annual Electronics and Recyclables Drop Event allowing you to clear a few items from storage. The event will be held April 1, 2017 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church parking lot.

Everyone struggles when it comes to handling old electronics and figuring out what to do with them. It can be easy to throw some of these items in the trash, however state law prohibits it and for good reason. These products may have toxics and non-disposable parts that negatively affect the Earth—not to mention the proportions of these items that can be recycled or repurposed.

The event will accept all sorts of various items; only old TV’s will require a small fee. Computers, video game consoles, cell phones, servers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, coppers, brasses, leads, pots, pans, cords, wires, circuit boards, many forms of batteries, and much more will cost nothing to drop off at the lot.

Can’t make the April 1st date? No worries! There will be another event held at Elmhurst College on April 29th. The Elmhurst College Recycling Extravaganza is held in the Alexander Street parking lot.


The April 1st date is located at 142 E Third Street, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126

Our U-Stor-It Elmhurst storage facility is located only 3.9 miles away at 877 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL 60126. The facility is just across the highway from the local Walmart.

Directions from our facility are as follows:

Head north on Frontage Rd toward S Riverside Dr

Turn left onto S Riverside Dr

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto IL-83 N

Turn right onto W North Ave

Turn right onto N Michigan St

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto E 3rd St

The destination will be on the right.

Wheaton / Carol Stream Storage Tips – Reorganizing Your Bedroom

Wheaton / Carol Stream – Whether you want to save valuable space or improve the feng shui of your bedroom, reorganizing is never a bad idea. Our Wheaton and Carol Stream U-Stor-It self storage staff is here with the best tips for moving around your furniture and ultimately creating a new bedroom and living experience!

Utilize Corners

Not every room is perfectly square with 90 degree corners. It is important to know which corners of the room are available for square furniture. The best option for saving room is to place your bed with the head against one wall and either the left or right side against the other wall of a corner. There will only be one entrance and exit from the bed, however those few extra square feet saved from pushing it against the wall add up and make a big difference.

Exercise Simple Shelving

Adding light shelves to a wall not only looks great, but creates a new place for books, baskets, or trinkets. Placing baskets on these shelves, let alone other places like under your bed and in your closet, is a great space saver. Belongings can easily be grouped and put in the appropriate basket and shelf which vastly improves organization.

Work Around Odd Spaces

Similarly to non-square corners, there are sometimes strange features of rooms you must plan around. These may include built in cubbies, wall extensions, or window ledges to name a few. Every room is different, so for this aspect you have to get creative.


In a past room of mine there was an odd brick ledging that protruded about 2 feet from the wall and was 2 feet tall; the ledge ran all the way across an 8 foot wall. What I ended up doing was building a bed frame that could rest along the ledge so that it was no longer wasted space. I built the bed frame following a guide online, but then didn’t attach two of the legs. This resulted in two legs of the frame rested on the ground like normal, but the portion of the frame where the legs had been omitted rested comfortably on the brick ledging. This saved an incredible amount of space especially since the ledge took up so much room on its own.


Wheaton & Carol Stream Residents Begin New Tradition

For the first time ever, the Dupage Craft and Vendor Show will meet at the Wheaton Montessori to showcase local vendors. The goal of the event is to gain enough interest from Wheaton, Carol Stream, and other locals so that it can be held monthly. The event will provide an easy channel to connect with the talent from the area and support the local economy.

A wide variety of arts, crafts, and merchandise will be available for exploration as you navigate the various vendors. Some of the most popular items will be jewelry, clothing, candles, oils, and makeup. Vendors include LuLaRoe, Perfectly Posh, Premier Designs, Scentsy, Stella & Dot, Paparazzi, Pink Zebra, and Usborne Books!

The event is Saturday, March 18th from 10AM – 2 PM, and parking and admission is free.

The event is Located at the Wheaton Montessori, 1980 Gary Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187.

Our U-Stor-It Carol Stream/Wheaton Self Storage facility is less than a mile away, located at 120 Tubeway Dr, Carol Stream, IL 60188.

Wheaton and Carol Stream U-Stor-It

Directions from our facility to the event are as follows:

Head east on Tubeway Drive towards Gary Avenue

Turn right onto Gary Avenue

You’ll reach the event in 0.7 miles

Elmhurst, Illinois Exciting Attractions

In celebration of our newest U-Stor-It facility in Elmhurst, Illinois, here are the facts that you’ll want to know if you ever pursue a move to the neighborhood.

There is no shortage of local sports. While the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks all have major fandoms, you’ll also find great games to watch at the local high schools as well as at Elmhurst College. York Community High School has a legendary track and field team while IC Catholic Prep has won the state football championship multiple times including the 2016 championship.

For those with kids, there are plenty of opportunities to keep them occupied. Sky Zone, located on Lake Street just off of Highway 20, allows you to watch from the observation deck as your kids bounce around and have a blast below in the indoor trampoline park.

For those looking for a more peaceful experience, there are plenty of museums, parks, and trail ways. Wilder Park on Prospect Avenue contains multiple attractions; these include the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art which specializes in one of a kind jade and gemstone carvings and the Elmhurst Public Library.

Elmhurst Downtown

Though the heart of Elmhurst is very suburban, there is massive industrial business around the area. With this comes some major freeways. Make sure to take some time to learn the various directions and navigation you’ll need to complete your day-to-day to make it to all of your new activities.

There is plenty to do in the area—it’s an exciting feeling for anyone considering the Elmhurst area!

Scary Self-Storage Mistakes

With Halloween just around the corner, spooky ghosts and terrifying monsters are not the only things that have us scared. When using self-storage, there can be plenty of possible mishaps – some of which may make your blood run cold. Here at U-Stor-It, we have come up with a few common self-storage mistakes, along with tips on how to prevent them.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Size Unit

Often, people will underestimate how much space their belongings will take up and end up choosing a unit size that is too small to fit everything. When it comes to picking the correct unit size for your needs, it is important to be realistic about how much space is needed. We recommend choosing a unit that is a little larger than necessary in order to accommodate both present and future needs. Having a spacious unit will not only allow you to add items later on, but it also allows you to create aisles inside the unit for easier access to your belongings.

  1. Not Labeling Boxes

There is nothing more frustrating than looking for something and being unable to find it because your boxes are not labeled. You may think labels are a waste, but they will save you time and a headache. For your own piece of mind, label the boxes with a number and its general contents. Keep a detailed list for each box and use it as a reference whenever you need to retrieve something from your unit.

  1. Skipping Climate-Controlled Units

Many people are under the impression that climate-controlled storage is only necessary for valuables such as heirlooms and electronics. However, for people who live in areas that experience temperature and moisture extremes, choosing a climate-controlled unit is essential. Everyday items can be adversely affected by high humidity levels, dryness, or below-freezing temperatures. Climate-controlled units keep items in a constant environment, reducing the likelihood of damage to your belongings.

  1. Forgetting the Details

In self-storage, it is easy to overlook minor important details such as removing food residue from kitchen appliances or taking batteries out of electronic devices. By leaving crumbs behind, you run the risk of attracting pests to your storage unit. Also, make sure to have a designated area where you keep small items like keys. This will save you time and trouble when you need to find them again. Not taking care of the “little things” can possibly lead to more problems later on.

With all these self-storage tricks up your sleeve, it’s time to enjoy your treat! Happy Halloween!