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Elmhurst Businesses: Benefits of Self-Storage

Office space is expensive, limited, and can become cluttered very quickly. Thus, tons of Elmhurst business owners rent storage units for various uses, such as:

  • Storing documents, files and paperwork
  • Freeing up office space by storing items that aren’t needed on a daily basis
  • Storing office furniture and equipment
  • Holding stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis
  • Storing office equipment and files during a move
  • As a small-scale distribution center

The possibilites for storage are endless and can help your business regardless of the industry. Here are some of the ways self-storage can give your Elmhurst business a boost.

Save Money

By using storage, many businesses have found that they can operate without having an actual office, or just use storage to house their inventory or other materials. As storage units are priced much lower than office spaces or warehouses, it’s easy to see why a smart business owner would go for the cheaper option.


U-Stor-It Elmhurst is conveniently located right off the 83 highway at 877 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL 60126. With truck rental, a large heated loading bay, and easily accessible ground-level units, we have everything you need to make your storage process a breeze.


With various shapes and sizes available, storage facilities make it easy to increase your storage unit size as your business grows, which means there is no need to rent larger and more expensive office spaces.


If your business is storing inventory, files, or other valuable supplies, you will want them to be safe, secured, and monitored 24/7. U-Stor-It Elmhurst offers video surveillance, gated access, and on-site management to do just that. You work hard for your business, and we work hard to protect it.

Self-storage can open up capabilities that your business never had before, and save you money at the same time.

Elmhurst to Capitilize on Electronic Recycling Drop

Elmhurst, Illinois is ready to take advantage of its annual Electronics and Recyclables Drop Event allowing you to clear a few items from storage. The event will be held April 1, 2017 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church parking lot.

Everyone struggles when it comes to handling old electronics and figuring out what to do with them. It can be easy to throw some of these items in the trash, however state law prohibits it and for good reason. These products may have toxics and non-disposable parts that negatively affect the Earth—not to mention the proportions of these items that can be recycled or repurposed.

The event will accept all sorts of various items; only old TV’s will require a small fee. Computers, video game consoles, cell phones, servers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, coppers, brasses, leads, pots, pans, cords, wires, circuit boards, many forms of batteries, and much more will cost nothing to drop off at the lot.

Can’t make the April 1st date? No worries! There will be another event held at Elmhurst College on April 29th. The Elmhurst College Recycling Extravaganza is held in the Alexander Street parking lot.


The April 1st date is located at 142 E Third Street, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126

Our U-Stor-It Elmhurst storage facility is located only 3.9 miles away at 877 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL 60126. The facility is just across the highway from the local Walmart.

Directions from our facility are as follows:

Head north on Frontage Rd toward S Riverside Dr

Turn left onto S Riverside Dr

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto IL-83 N

Turn right onto W North Ave

Turn right onto N Michigan St

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto E 3rd St

The destination will be on the right.

Elmhurst, Illinois Exciting Attractions

In celebration of our newest U-Stor-It facility in Elmhurst, Illinois, here are the facts that you’ll want to know if you ever pursue a move to the neighborhood.

There is no shortage of local sports. While the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks all have major fandoms, you’ll also find great games to watch at the local high schools as well as at Elmhurst College. York Community High School has a legendary track and field team while IC Catholic Prep has won the state football championship multiple times including the 2016 championship.

For those with kids, there are plenty of opportunities to keep them occupied. Sky Zone, located on Lake Street just off of Highway 20, allows you to watch from the observation deck as your kids bounce around and have a blast below in the indoor trampoline park.

For those looking for a more peaceful experience, there are plenty of museums, parks, and trail ways. Wilder Park on Prospect Avenue contains multiple attractions; these include the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art which specializes in one of a kind jade and gemstone carvings and the Elmhurst Public Library.

Elmhurst Downtown

Though the heart of Elmhurst is very suburban, there is massive industrial business around the area. With this comes some major freeways. Make sure to take some time to learn the various directions and navigation you’ll need to complete your day-to-day to make it to all of your new activities.

There is plenty to do in the area—it’s an exciting feeling for anyone considering the Elmhurst area!

Elmhurst Self Storage Guide Backing up a Trailer

In our last blog, our Elmhurst U-Stor-It team mentioned the importance of knowing how to back up a trailer so here is an elaboration on the subject matter to ease the process!

Backing up a trailer is often the most dreaded aspect of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle with a hitch. It’s really quite an easy task once you get the hang of it, but for the average driver who may need to do it only once or twice here is the crash course on how to maneuver that trailer backwards.

Things to Avoid                                                                       

There are two things you have to be mindful of at all times throughout the process. One is the obvious, avoiding hitting other cars, walls, or objects. The second thing to stay aware of is jackknifing the vehicle with the trailer ; this is when the trailer gets overturned and ends up in a 90 degree angle with the vehicle, ultimately damaging the vehicle and the trailer (pictured above).

How to do it

  1. Start the process by attempting to be (as much as you can) in a straight line with the trailer. If you are not able to get in a straight line it isn’t a problem, it’ll just take a little extra navigation.
  2. Trailers turn the opposite of how you turn your wheel, so while the vehicle may go right the trailer will go left. Jackknifing occurs when this occurrence becomes too drastic because of a lack of adjustment.

3. Using primarily the left mirror and window for sight of how the trailer is moving, begin to reverse slowly. If the trailer begins to turn or started in a turned position, turn the wheel in the direction the trailer is headed. This will even it out and get it headed back in a straight direction; the more heavily you turn the wheel, the more turn you get.

Sometimes Mistakes Happen

Especially if it’s your first time, it can be difficult to get it on the first try. Don’t be afraid to put the vehicle back in drive to straighten out. This is highly recommended if you weren’t able to start straight as it helps you guarantee you’re on the right path backwards.

If it ever appears you’re close to jackknifing or hitting something the first step is to pull forward to straighten out your line. If you’re in an awkward position where you can’t straighten out, remember that you can always unhitch the trailer, adjust the vehicle, and re-hitch in a better position to get out.

Elmhurst Self Storage’s Important Tips to Driving a Moving Truck or Trailer

Have you taken on the challenge of renting a moving truck or trailer? It’s more complex than it may seem. Our  Elmhurst U-Stor-It staff has laid out the guidelines to consider before taking the driver’s seat.

Make Sure You’re Plugged in and Chains Aren’t Dragging

One of the most common mistakes when towing a trailer is forgetting or incorrectly attaching the trailer connections. Without the electrical outlet plugged in you risk getting rear-ended since the drivers behind you will have no knowledge of when you are breaking or signaling for a turn.

Chains often are not tight enough and will drag on the ground creating major sparks. It’s important to make sure the chains hang at least 4 inches off the ground to avoid these sparks and to form the safest connection if the trailer happened to pop off the hitch.


Be Prepared to Back up the Truck or Trailer

You may find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to back up and maneuver your way out. If this occurs you want to be prepared! If you have a trailer be sure to read up on how to back it up. With both a truck and trailer it is extremely helpful to have a passenger that can get out and help you with the navigation. Remember to go slow and be aware of all corners of the vehicle and/or trailer.

Drive Cautiously

The number one piece of advice is to make sure you stay safe by driving slowly. It’s easier than you’d think to get to a high speed while towing or driving a large truck; not only does this put you in danger, but it threatens your belongings as well.

Stay at a max of 55 mph or the marked truck/trailer speed limit on all streets and highways. Hopefully you’ll never have to break hard, but if you do you’ll realize how much better of a situation you’re in if you’re going an appropriate speed.

When approaching stop signs or lights ease off of the accelerator early. The easy speed change will help your loaded items avoid shifting around. Gas efficiency will improve, and your breaks will have a much easier time stopping the load.