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Morgan Park Halloween: 3 Events This Fall

Morgan Park residents – are you ready for this holiday season? Fall is in full swing and Halloween is here. Make sure to get out to these Morgan Park Halloween events to keep the whole family entertained.

Get Spooky

Date: October 22, 2017
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Beverly Arts Center

This FREE annual event at Beverly Arts Center is a kid-friendly Haunted Theater, or “not-so-spooky haunted house”. There will be crafts, treats, costumes, games, music and more!

Our convenient U-Stor-It Beverly location is so close you could walk there! Directions are as follows:

  1. Head east on W 111th St toward S Maplewood Ave
  2. Arrive at the Beverly Arts Center on your right

Pumpkin Patch at Kennedy

Date: October 22nd, 2017
Time: Noon-4:00pm
Location: Kennedy Park

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned pumpkin patch? This Sunday, join your neighbors for a goblin good time at the Kennedy Park Pumpkin Patch! It will be a goblin good time with pony rides, food, games, arts & crafts, treats, face painting, hayrides and more! The kids will love this afternoon in the park and all their favorite animals.

Directions from our U-Stor-It Beverly location:

  1. Head east on W 111th St
  2. Turn right toward S Maplewood Ave
  3. Turn right onto S Maplewood Ave
  4. Turn right onto W 113th St
  5. Arrive at Kennedy Park on your right

Michael McDermott’s Halloweensteen

Date: October 28th, 2017
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Beverly Arts Center

Morgan Park Halloween

Music fan? Kick off Halloween right with the Duke Street Kings featuring Michael McDermott as they rock out to The Boss’s greatest hits! The show is $30 for general admission, and $27 if you’re a Beverly Arts Center member.

Our convenient U-Stor-It Beverly location is so close you could walk there! Directions are as follows:

  1. Head east on W 111th St toward S Maplewood Ave
  2. Arrive at the Beverly Arts Center on your right

3 Steps To Refresh Your Closet and Wardrobe

Every few months, we all should look to refresh our closets. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything out and starting fresh, but there are definitely some steps every fashion-forward person takes to make sure their closet and wardrobe is fresh and updated.

1. Categorize That Closet

The most obvious step should be to take everything out of that closet. Don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of all your stuff. But… we are getting rid of some of it. Face it, that dress from 10 years ago isn’t going to be worn again. Make three piles: Things you absolutely have to keep, your in-betweeners, and things you can live without. The “in-betweeners” pile should include pieces you like but just don’t have an outfit for, or just don’t fit correctly, etc.

closet and wardrobe
2. Purge That Closet

Now that you have your “in-betweeners” pile, let’s dig into it. Break that pile into two more piles: one for things that you don’t have an outfit for, one for things that don’t fit right. For the outfit-less pile, begin to make a shopping list. These are pieces that can potentially stay in the closet, so find some supporting pieces online that can be put together to create an outfit. Focusing on one clothing item at a time can make this process easier. If it doesn’t work out, move it to the “can live without” pile.

For the ill-fitting pile, consider taking these pieces to get altered so that they fit properly or just selling them or giving them away. There are plenty of mobile phone apps out there to make selling your closet easy and efficient. Anything that you’re getting rid of, move to the “can live without pile”

Golden rule: If it takes you longer than 2 minutes to decide on keeping or getting rid of a piece: Get rid of it.

For things you just can’t decide on, storage is a great option. For fairly cheap, you can hold on to your stuff in case you decide to keep it later.

3. Re-Assemble That Closet

Now that you have your piles squared away, get rid of everything in your “can live without” pile and keep the pieces you made arrangements for. Now, stare at your empty closet. Imagine how you’d like it to look. Some people like to color code, others like to code by clothing type. Some people like to get new shelving, or lighting, or a dresser to vamp it up. Whatever your organization system or decorating scheme, make sure you have one. Keeping this consistent will help your outfit selection in the morning and enable you to look your best each and every day!

closet and wardrobe

With these simple steps, you can take back control of your closet and feel good about opening up that door in the morning. Your arsenal is refreshed and ready to go every week!