Apartment organization with self storage

How to Style an Apartment to Impress Your Guests

Making an apartment look beautiful can be difficult. There is only so much space and an overwhelming feeling of clutter is nearly inevitable. This unfortunately has made entertaining company complicated. Thankfully there are some secrets to organizing your living space that would impress any guest. Some simple changes could assist you in organizing, decluttering, and revitalizing your apartment. After all, a home can be seen as a reflection of a person.

Make Your Living Space Look Large!

Use light colors to decorate your apartment
The best way to brighten a room would be to use soft hues when painting your walls, accompanied by color complimentary furniture. The lighter color scheme will make each room look more spacious and less restricting than a darker counterpart.
Keep Your Walking Paths Clear
Creating a distinguished and uncluttered walkway will prevent guests from having to navigate around sporadically placed objects. Maintaining these specific areas will ultimately avoid the feeling of congestion in your apartment. Pushing your furniture against the walls is one easy way of creating a manageable pathway.
Use Decorative Pieces that Will Give the living space dimension
The appearance of depth in your apartment could be as easy as buying shear curtains, clear/glass topped tables, or over sized mirrors.

Rethink Storage

Use Decorative Boxes and Bookshelves
Bookshelves can hold large amounts in an organized style without taking up very much space. One idea that I personally enjoy is placing a bookshelf on its side to create a bench.
*Remember: Keeping a tidy apartment is the first step towards an organized mindset.
Don’t leave any closet space unused
At our South Loop facility, in downtown Chicago, we have found that many residents have vertical shelves along the interior of your storage units to increase potential storage space. Adding shelves above your stove, sink, or wash/dryer are great ways of effectively using space. Additional tools to better utilize your space are rods and shoe racks.
Buy Furniture with Seating and Storage
To maximize your potential storage space around your apartment, while maintaining a clean and open atmosphere, use multipurpose furniture that could be used to store miscellaneous items in addition to their original use. For instance, coffee tables and TV stands can hold plenty of storage space below in a neat manner. While ottoman can be opened up and closed without any indication of their storage-like characteristic.

Find Conversational Pieces

Be a Minimalist
The best way to keep your apartment organized is getting rid of everything you absolutely do not need. Seasonally decorating and cleaning an apartment is great and whatever is not currently being used could be placed in self storage elsewhere. However, a purge of the unnecessary materialistic items to prevent clutter accumulation in essential.
When You are Decorating Keep it Simple
Decoration should be used as conversational piece, so try and avoid anything bulky that could be using space in an inefficient fashion. Rather, replace it with a small sculpture or meaningful picture.
Do Not Over Decorate
Less is more when decorating an apartment. Limit your wall art to one or two art pieces or pictures a room. This will emphasize the painting itself as well as assist in making the room feel larger. Some ideas to consider if you do not have any wall art are hanging plants from clothing hooks in room corners.

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