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Spruce Up Your Space for Spring

After dealing with the winter blues, you’re probably itching to refresh your home for sunnier days. Updating your home doesn’t have to be costly; a few tweaks here and there are all you need to spruce up your space. Maybe you want to open up your space, or experiment with color—or maybe you’re just not sure where to start. Need a little bit of inspiration to get you started? Here at U-Stor-It, we rounded up some tips to whip your place into shape for spring.

Spring, Cleaning, Color, Bright
Refresh your home with pops of color

Add Some Color

Longer days and warmer temperatures make spring the best time to play with color. Take spring cleaning to a new level by giving your walls a makeover. Hang wallpaper on an accent wall or apply a new coat of paint for a dramatic but inexpensive way to update your space. If you aren’t interested in painting your space, add a few pieces of wall art to incorporate fresh color, without giving up your weekend. You can also bring in bright, airy curtains and add little pops of color throughout the room to create an atmosphere that screams spring.

Spring, Cleaning, Nature, Bright
Bring the outside indoors with plants and flowers.

Embrace the Outdoors

Incorporate little bits of nature into your home design by decorating with flowers or fruits. Bright flowers such as sunflowers, carnations, or geraniums are a great way to refresh your home. They can be planted in a small container for a simple table centerpiece. You can also choose indoor plants that don’t need too much sunlight and are low maintenance, like succulents or bamboo plants. A filled fruit bowl adds a natural pop of color to your kitchen and reminds everyone that it’s finally spring. Even the tiniest touch of the outdoors reminds you that the seasons are changing.


Spring, Cleaning, Organization
Use bookshelves as a way to organize more than just books.

Update Your Shelves

Bookshelves are quickly becoming a must-have multipurpose item and are no longer reserved for storing literature. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, bookshelves are used for everything from storing bath towels to organizing a shoe collection. For spring, use your bookshelf to organize spring necessities such as gardening tools.

Bright, Pillows, Spring, Cleaning
Bright throw pillows scream spring time

Rotate Items Seasonally

Adding a few new photos to your walls that embrace the spirit of spring is one of the easiest ways to create a seasonally appropriate design. Think bright colors, summery landscapes, and anything inspired by nature. Consider rotating accessory pieces throughout your home, such as curtains, throw pillows, and accent rugs. Add bright pillows and a table runner to give the room a fresh look. Even at U-Stor-It Lisle we change arrangements every so often, for a fresh new look.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take an expensive remodel to bring a much-needed refresh to your home. With the summer months approaching, now is the perfect time to bring new life into your home. A few little changes is all you need to spruce up your space and welcome the new season.

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