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San Diego School Johnson Elementary Get Happy Meals

U-Stor-It Holds 2nd Annual Event for San Diego School Johnson Elementary

Students at San Diego School Johnson Elementary had something more to be excited about than it just being their last day of school. Similar to the backpack event held last August in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, U-Stor-It Self Storage decided to treat the students of Johnson Elementary to a fun day of activities, making it their 2nd annual event with Johnson Elementary. To stay energized, a total of 160 McDonald’s Happy Meals were provided to the kindergarten students. The Happy Meals included milk or juice, a free beanie baby toy, and of course, French Fries! (because it’s just not a Happy Meal without the fries)

Some of the festivities included a dance party, balloon games, chalk drawings, and more. There were a total of 5 kindergarten classes that attended the event, and 5 of U-Stor-It’s corporate volunteers were involved.

“It was great to work with the Johnson Elementary School again, and to be able to give back”, said Blake Johnston, Marketing Manager for U-Stor-It.

“We really appreciate what U-Stor-It has done for our students with these events”, remarks Ms. Williams, one of the teachers at Johnson Elementary.
This is the first of several events that the San Diego area can be expecting this summer. Keep an eye out and make sure you don’t miss any of these future events by following our blog!

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