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Being organized makes you happy and healthy!

Whether or not your New Year’s Resolution was to get organized, the promise of spring’s early arrival means it’s time to get your priorities straight. Being organized can be a physical activity by organizing your home or work space or by cleaning, throwing away, or moving your items to another location such as your attic or a storage unit. It can also be a mental activity by organizing your tasks and personal or professional goals in order to stay productive. Getting organized can be a very daunting task for many that requires a lot of time and energy on your part, but can really make all the difference when it comes to your health and well-being. Here are some of the major health benefits associated with getting organized:

Being organized
Keeping a clean and organized home can help reduce stress and give you more free time.

Reduces Stress and Depression: Excess clutter can be very stressful to your mental psyche. It creates excess stimuli which  make us feel anxious, helpless and overwhelmed. Keeping things organized can help reduce this stress and lower risk of depression because you no longer have to worry about misplaced items or forgetting tasks off of your to-do list. Having a well-planned out schedule and clutter-free work space allows you to have the time to do the things that you want, ultimately increasing your happiness.

Meal Prepping, healthy, lose weight,being organized
Meal-Prepping is a good way to stay organized and healthy.

Lose Weight:  Losing weight is as easy as taking the first step in organizing  your kitchen by getting rid of any holiday or Valentine’s Day goodies in order to make room for fresh and healthy ingredients. It has been said that those who work in a neat environment  opt for healthier food choices, than those in a messier environment. This is because all the excess stimuli caused by a cluttered space result in indulging on comfort foods as a coping mechanism. Having a spacious and organized home can also free up space for you to do your workouts from home, saving you time and money. Planning out your day can keep you accountable for following through with those workouts and allocate time to meal prep for the rest of the week.

improve relationships with friends and family by staying organized
Having a clutter-free home or schedule can allow you to open up your space and time to be able to spend with family and friends

Improve your relationships: It is no secret that a messy house can cause tension among couples, families,and  roommates, making you feel shame and  embarrassment.  It can also hinder you from wanting to invite people over which creates a physical and emotional barrier between you and your friends and family. Keeping a clean and orderly home can help you avoid these situations and allow you to continue to maintain and develop lasting relationships with friends and family.

Be More Productive: As mentioned before, clutter is distracting. Freeing up your home or work space can make all the difference in your ability to focus . By doing so you can finish your work more efficiently leaving you more time to conquer other tasks such as working out, meal prepping, getting personal time, spending time with friends and family, and sleeping!

There you have it, the key to a healthier happier life starts with making sure that your life and space is well-organized. This simple life hack can make all the difference when it comes to job performance, strengthening your relationships, good health, and your overall happiness!

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