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How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Winter is right around the corner, are you ready to get your boat safely stored away before the elements hit? Fear not, the friendly staff at Storage Solutions Limestone are here to help with everything you need to get your boat ready for winter storage!

Step 1: Change Your Oil

To avoid corroding the engine, change the filter and flush it out so that no water remains, then add the new oil. This is often overlooked and could save your boat’s life!

Step 2: Refresh The Coolant System

Empty the current coolant and clean with fresh water. Pour in the fresh antifreeze, paying attention to dilute it properly. This will make sure your engine doesn’t freeze or corrode.

Step 3: Spray with Fogging Oil

While your engine is turning over, spray fogging oil into the carburetor. This will protect the moving parts from the harsh winter elements.

winter storage
Step 4: Remove Drive Belts

Prevent your drive belts from cracking under pressure by loosening them or taking them off completely before you take your beloved boat down to storage.

Step 5: Grease the Steering Mechanism

To make sure your boat is ready to go when winter has passed, grease the steering mechanism and keep everything moist. Also make sure the joints are covered.

Step 6: Disconnect the Battery

Make sure you disconnect your boat’s battery to ensure it doesn’t die out while it’s in winter storage. Many people forget this only to find there boat has ran out of juice once Spring rolls around. Don’t fall victim to this, think ahead now!

Step 7: Fill your Gas Tank

Fill your gas tank up to avoid condensation that can build up and corrode the tank. Tip: add gasoline stabilizer to make sure your fuel is ready when you take the boat out of storage.

Step 8: Seal Exhaust Ports on Inboard Boats

Cover the exhaust openings on your boat to make sure no unwanted critters turn your boat into a home during the winter. Duct tape should get the job done.

Step 9: Take Care of the Interior

Any electronics left on the boat are vulnerable to the conditions while it’s in storage. Take anything you don’t want to freeze out of the boat and don’t forget anything canvas, leather, or fabric that could catch mold or mildew.

Step 10: Wash and Wax

Clean the boat well inside and out, and then apply wax afterwards. Wax will protect your boat from rust and the harsh conditions in general.

Step 11: Use a Cover

And finally, put a nice cover on the boat to make sure it is nice and snug this winter. The cover will protect from dirt, dust, and moisture.

winter storage

If you follow these steps you will have your beautiful boat ready to go when the snow melts! Our Storage Solutions Limestone location has everything you need to make your boat winter storage process a breeze.

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