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Westmont IL Welcomes U-Stor-It Self Storage

Last month, the city of Westmont IL welcomed U-Stor-It Self Storage with a Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony! The city welcomed the beautiful new storage facility with open arms, alongside Mayor Ron Gunter and Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Carey.

Westmont IL
Mayor Ron Gunter and Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Carey welcome the U-Stor-It team.

Peter Nora of U-Stor-It stated: “U-Stor-It is excited to join the Westmont community as we open our tenth location. We would like to thank the Village of Westmont, the Westmont Chamber, and many residents who have welcomed us into the community and we are looking forward to serving the village and it’s residents.”

The event featured food provided by Portillos, as well as tours of the facility for all attendees.

Westmont IL
Attendees enjoyed good conversation and Portillos food following the facility tours.

Residents and businesses alike are excited to have a brand new first-class storage facility in their community. U-Stor-It is committed to providing the city with clean, affordable self-storage in an environment where customer service is the rule rather than the exception.

The facility is conveniently located across from Ty Warner Park near the Illinois Gymnastics Institute. Being just a few blocks from Westmont High School and Willow Crest Golf Course, we’re easy to find and access! Come visit the new location today at 701 Blackhawk Drive, Westmont IL 60559.

Westmont IL

How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Winter is right around the corner, are you ready to get your boat safely stored away before the elements hit? Fear not, the friendly staff at Storage Solutions Limestone are here to help with everything you need to get your boat ready for winter storage!

Step 1: Change Your Oil

To avoid corroding the engine, change the filter and flush it out so that no water remains, then add the new oil. This is often overlooked and could save your boat’s life!

Step 2: Refresh The Coolant System

Empty the current coolant and clean with fresh water. Pour in the fresh antifreeze, paying attention to dilute it properly. This will make sure your engine doesn’t freeze or corrode.

Step 3: Spray with Fogging Oil

While your engine is turning over, spray fogging oil into the carburetor. This will protect the moving parts from the harsh winter elements.

winter storage
Step 4: Remove Drive Belts

Prevent your drive belts from cracking under pressure by loosening them or taking them off completely before you take your beloved boat down to storage.

Step 5: Grease the Steering Mechanism

To make sure your boat is ready to go when winter has passed, grease the steering mechanism and keep everything moist. Also make sure the joints are covered.

Step 6: Disconnect the Battery

Make sure you disconnect your boat’s battery to ensure it doesn’t die out while it’s in winter storage. Many people forget this only to find there boat has ran out of juice once Spring rolls around. Don’t fall victim to this, think ahead now!

Step 7: Fill your Gas Tank

Fill your gas tank up to avoid condensation that can build up and corrode the tank. Tip: add gasoline stabilizer to make sure your fuel is ready when you take the boat out of storage.

Step 8: Seal Exhaust Ports on Inboard Boats

Cover the exhaust openings on your boat to make sure no unwanted critters turn your boat into a home during the winter. Duct tape should get the job done.

Step 9: Take Care of the Interior

Any electronics left on the boat are vulnerable to the conditions while it’s in storage. Take anything you don’t want to freeze out of the boat and don’t forget anything canvas, leather, or fabric that could catch mold or mildew.

Step 10: Wash and Wax

Clean the boat well inside and out, and then apply wax afterwards. Wax will protect your boat from rust and the harsh conditions in general.

Step 11: Use a Cover

And finally, put a nice cover on the boat to make sure it is nice and snug this winter. The cover will protect from dirt, dust, and moisture.

winter storage

If you follow these steps you will have your beautiful boat ready to go when the snow melts! Our Storage Solutions Limestone location has everything you need to make your boat winter storage process a breeze.

2nd Annual U-Stor-It Backpack Giveaway a Success!

For the second year in a row, U-Stor-It partnered with One San Diego, Univision San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman, and the San Diego Police Department to give away 1,000 backpacks and school supplies to local elementary school students in the Lincoln Park area! The event was held on August 24th, just before the school year began.

Officers from the San Diego Police Department helped hand out supplies to the kids.
1,000 backpacks were donated by Univision San Diego.

Students were able to choose the color of backpack and pencil box they wanted, and had them packed with pencils, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, keychains, and stickers.

Kids and families were excited to receive their free supplies.

Students were excited to start the school year strong with their new backpacks and supplies.

Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman, Councilwoman Myrtle Cole, and Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

After picking up their supplies, students and families were treated to gourmet bacon-wrapped hot dogs and Hawaiian shaved ice, which everyone couldn’t get enough of.

Overall, the event was a huge success and provided Lincoln Park area kids with the supplies they need to succeed in the coming year. A big thanks to the San Diego Police and Fire Departments, One San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman, Univision San Diego, Porter Elementary, KUSI News, CBS 8, NBC 7, and everyone that volunteered and visited the 2nd Annual U-Stor-It Back to School Bash!

Elmhurst Businesses: Benefits of Self-Storage

Office space is expensive, limited, and can become cluttered very quickly. Thus, tons of Elmhurst business owners rent storage units for various uses, such as:

  • Storing documents, files and paperwork
  • Freeing up office space by storing items that aren’t needed on a daily basis
  • Storing office furniture and equipment
  • Holding stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis
  • Storing office equipment and files during a move
  • As a small-scale distribution center

The possibilites for storage are endless and can help your business regardless of the industry. Here are some of the ways self-storage can give your Elmhurst business a boost.

Save Money

By using storage, many businesses have found that they can operate without having an actual office, or just use storage to house their inventory or other materials. As storage units are priced much lower than office spaces or warehouses, it’s easy to see why a smart business owner would go for the cheaper option.


U-Stor-It Elmhurst is conveniently located right off the 83 highway at 877 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL 60126. With truck rental, a large heated loading bay, and easily accessible ground-level units, we have everything you need to make your storage process a breeze.


With various shapes and sizes available, storage facilities make it easy to increase your storage unit size as your business grows, which means there is no need to rent larger and more expensive office spaces.


If your business is storing inventory, files, or other valuable supplies, you will want them to be safe, secured, and monitored 24/7. U-Stor-It Elmhurst offers video surveillance, gated access, and on-site management to do just that. You work hard for your business, and we work hard to protect it.

Self-storage can open up capabilities that your business never had before, and save you money at the same time.

U-Stor-It to Beautify Lincoln Park, San Diego Community

The typical story: a corporation comes in, constructs a massive building, and takes advantage of the surrounding community. What if it didn’t have to be that way? U-Stor-It doesn’t think so—in fact they strive for quite the opposite. Coming soon, U-Stor-It Lincoln Park will be investing in landscaping and beautification of the surrounding Lincoln Park, San Diego neighborhood. Efforts will include planting and maintaining flowers and shrubbery, painting over graffiti, and cleaning up the streets and walkways.

“It’s a great opportunity to give back,” Blake Johnston, Marketing Manager stated. “We have been extremely grateful for the support of our service in the area. The Lincoln Park location is our first building in California, and it gives us a lot of pride to be a part of the local culture.”

Lincoln Park u stor it

Currently the street lines could use an upgrade. Plant life is minimal and dull; there is a lot of opportunity here. Some retaining walls and fences have old graffiti tainting the surrounding image. Plans are not confirmed yet, but there are numerous ideas being considered.

  • Bright flowers will make the street sides beautiful and eye catching.
  • Other various shrubs or small trees will instantly create a view that fits closer with the true character of San Diego.
  • Lastly, removing the graffiti will dramatically change the atmosphere; long term solutions to keeping graffiti away are an important part of considerations.

For more information or to give suggestions contact Blake Johnston, Marketing Manager of U-Stor-It at

About U-Stor-It

U-Stor-It provides quality storage spaces at affordable prices. We have over 25 years of experience in high quality self storage. It is our mission to provide clean, affordable self-storage in an environment where customer service is the rule rather than the exception.  We are confident that you will agree that U-Stor-It Self Storage has first class facilities. Serving the Chicago and San Diego area communities.

U-Stor-It: The Self Storage Facility With U In Mind

Among thousands of storage facilities nationwide all with business-focused heads, one is shattering the norm! U-Stor-It prides itself in being customer centric—everything is done with the customer in mind. The goal is to provide and exceed all expectations of what a self storage facility delivers.

Keeping in Touch with the Basics

Having a clean and well maintained store should be a given, but it is a commonly mishandled aspect of the industry. U-Stor-It abides by the highest quality standards; all of the facilities are sleek in design, and extremely well kept. A full experience is offered at the facilities. Just about any features like climate control or U-Haul rentals are provided. Push-carts are available at all locations to assist those without drive-up units.

Wheaton Storage
Push-carts ready for use in the Carol Stream & Wheaton IL U-Stor-It

Community Involvement

U-Stor-It is a corporate company that wants to act and have the same impact as a local company. Local store managers stay involved by keeping consistent community outreach. Managers visit numerous apartments and housing complexes each month to stay current with consumer needs and interact with those in the area.

In addition, U-Stor-It partakes in multiple charitable efforts each year in order to give back to the communities that support it. Efforts include:

  • Backpack events at local schools
  • Supporting orphanage funds in Chicago, IL and Monarch School for homeless children in Barrio Logan, CA
  • Providing low-income kindergarten students in El Cajon, CA with lunches
  • And partaking in Toys-for-Tots across the nation

“My favorite efforts are the backpack giveaways. The students get so excited to have a nice new piece of school equipment,” said Blake Johnston, Marketing Manager of U-Stor-It. “We have organized multiple events in the past, and have many more planned!”

About U-Stor-It

U-Stor-It provides quality storage spaces at affordable prices. We have over 25 years of experience in high quality self storage. It is our mission to provide clean, affordable self-storage in an environment where customer service is the rule rather than the exception.  We are confident that you will agree that U-Stor-It Self Storage has first class facilities. Serving the Chicago and San Diego area communities.

Melrose Park’s Guide to Winter Car Storage

Do you have a summer hobby car, or a two-wheel drive you know has no way of safely navigating the icy roads of winter? It sounds like you’ve stumbled upon adding car storage to your winter prep.

Don’t worry! Thankfully there are multiple ways to safely store your vehicle for the snowy season. Here are the Top 3 options for winter vehicle storage provided by our Melrose Park staff:

  1. Outside Storage

Sometimes we just have to tackle the environment head on, and show it who’s boss. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, and often extremely overlooked, you must find a safe and legal place to store the car. You don’t want any snow plows demolishing the side of your car!
  • Top up your fluids. Your oil should be fresh and clean to prevent corrosion within the engine, and the fuel tank should be just about as full as possible to avoid air build up and expansion from the frigid temperature.
  • To prevent the tires from freezing to the ground, roll them onto a sheet of plywood, carpet, or plastic. Also make sure the tires are at their max PSI so no flat spots develop on the rubber.
  • Purchase a tarp that can cover the entire vehicle, and secure it as tightly as possible. Make sure all crevices are as covered as they can be (you don’t want anything making a home of your car).
  1. Garage Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have an available garage, make sure you don’t stop there! It’s easy to assume your car is safe within your own confines, but there are still measures to be taken.

      • While a tarp is no longer necessary, it is still of major importance to fill holes and crevices to avoid critters from seeking shelter. Put steel wool in the exhaust pipe, and consider mothballs to surround the undercarriage as a secondary line of defense.

– U-Stor-It Melrose Park

  1. Consider a Storage Facility

The winter storage process can be a hassle, why not take the load off and enjoy the luxury of convenience and safety! Many facilities offer ground-floor climate controlled storage units as well as safe and camera monitored outdoor parking.


Extreme Makeover: Self Storage Edition

We hear about “make-overs” all the time in the media, whether it is the latest of episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the Cinderella stories of all those corny rom-coms, or even notifications from your friends dramatic  transformations on your Facebook feed. The term makeover is “a complete transformation or remodeling of something, especially a person’s hairstyle, makeup, or clothes” and you can add self-storage facilities to the mix. In the past, these buildings were never described as “sexy” “beautiful” or anything of that matter, but rather thought of as “warehouse” looking eye sores. The self storage facilities of today have top security, much more convenient locations, and are more attractive than ever!

The Beginning of Self Storage: 

The concept of storage has been around of years, however it was not until 1964 in Odessa, Texas, where the first self storage facility was founded. Since its beginning, the self storage industry had boomed to become a national phenomenon and has proven to be a very successful industry, guaranteeing Americans a safe and convenient place to store all of their most prized belongings. Since its inception, there have been three different eras of self storage facilities: Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3.

Generation 1:

Generation 1, storage unit, drive up, self storage, warehouse, eyesore
An example of a Generation 1 storage facility.

These storage facilities make up the majority of the beginning facilities in the 1960s. They are very basic and consist primarily of garage-style doors and outside units, hence the warehouse comparison. They did provide their customers with the convenience of drive-up access. However, they had only basic security measures due to lack of technology.

Generation 2: 

generation 2, interior storage units,  self storage
Interior storage units.

Once the demand for self storage increased, the facilities phased into Generation 2, which comprises the majority of self storage units that we are most familiar with. The basic “garage-style” units were then connected to buildings with interior units. These indoor unit allowed for extra precaution when it came to harsher weather conditions. They also upped their security measures and they started offering on-site managers and even live-in managers at select locations.

Generation 3:

generation 3, self storage, drive up, blend in to stand out, modern
An aesthetically pleasing storage unit that blends in with environment.

 In most recent years, there has been a more dramatic transformation as these facilities moved into Generation 3. These building are known for their newer technology such as climate controlled units and in-door drive up units, and tighter security measures such as cameras, gates, keypads access, etc. They have also been experiencing a new trend in the construction or renovation of these facilities, which is the “blend in to stand out”

Blend in to Stand Out: 

Generation 3, blend in to stand out, multi story, self storage
A rendering of a design for a new self storage facility in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

The storage facilities of Gen 1 and 2 were quite the image problem. They took up a lot of space, were bland, and looked like a warehouse fortress; which is mostly attributed to the fact that  were originally restricted to industrial zoned areas. Increase in demand has caused consumer expectations of the industry to change as they are demanding better locations, security, and innovative features. The storage facilities of the 21st century are able to enjoy prime locations nestled within retail or residential areas, which have led to the sophistication of their construction. These newer facilities emphasize aesthetics to match the communities that they serve, hence blend in to stand out. Some of the other trends include multi-story buildings, vibrant colors, lush landscaping, unique architecture, and niche storage options for boat, RV, and wine.

Benefits of Generation 3 Facilities:

Not only do these new buildings help with the aesthetics of the community, they benefit you, the consumer, as well! These are important features that you are typically looking for when searching for the perfect storage facility. Rest assured that these generation 3 buildings are going to have everything you want to keep your items safe such as climate controlled units for your electronics and sensitive items, top-notch security, and convenient locations. The main goal is to create a stable, secure, upscale environment that you can trust!

Here at U-Stor-It, all of our facilities are Generation 3 buildings which come with all the perks! Our Carol Stream and Streamwood locations especially go along with the trend “blend in to stand out”. They are beautifully designed to match the community that they serve. U-Stor-It in Carol Stream looks like an office complex and Streamwood has the beautiful brick architecture similar to the rest of the town. We also have a new location opening up, U-Stor-It of South Loop which is our first storage facility located in the heart of Chicago. It also offers wine storage options. This location will be opening up this winter so go check it out and the rest of our locations.

U-Stor-It Carol Stream, IL, Generation 3, Self Storage,  blend in to stand out
U-Stor-It Carol Stream
U-Stor-It Streamwood,  self storage, blend in to stand out, generation 3, brick
U-Stor-It Streamwood



Carol Stream



Auburn Gresham

South Loop

New Facility in the Auburn Gresham Neighborhood!


Our newest facility has opened over at 88th and Ashland in the Auburn Gresham Neighborhood of Chicago. If you are looking for a great place to store your belongings  keep your items clean and safe throughout the winter. Stop on by our newest facility, we have two great U-Stor-It employees there, John and Penney, who can help you find a unit that is easily accessible and at the right price!

We are excited to become a part of the Auburn Gresham neighborhood and work with individuals in the community in need of storage. If you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop in and say “hi” and see some of the great discounts and deals we are having for the winter season.