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3 Tips When Preparing for the Winter Weather

It’s only mid-November and already more than half of the continental United States is covered in snow, giving us little time to prepare. Here are 3 tips to make sure you are prepared for the Winter weather, and safe for the cold months ahead.

1. Peter Piper Packed a Peanut

Packing peanuts are always a classic option when storing fragile items. Of course they add extra padding and are able to insulate to keep the cold out, but did you know there are two types of packing peanuts, starch-based and polystyrene. What should be completely avoided are cornstarch peanuts. They may keep for the Winter, however when the Sun creeps through the clouds and the ice melts, moisture is in the air. And when that moisture hits those cornstarch based packing peanuts, well let’s just say you’ll be having nightmares of your Old Aunt Sally’s cornmeal breakfasts. Except this time it’s covered, dried, and ruined your coveted fragile antiques. When shopping for peanuts, it’s important to be on the look out for polystyrene. Sure, there are some variations (green usually means 70% recycled, pink means anti-static, and white involves more polystyrene resin), but all you need to know is that they surely won’t melt, as they take hundred of years to decompose, and you won’t have Aunt Sally’s breakfast all over your priceless items.

2. Hello? Is your refrigerator running?

For some, the busting of a 6 pack of soda may be an exciting afternoon, but for you or I, it could be an unbelievable ordeal that damages everything you have neatly stored away (not to mention a health hazard). Events like these happen more often than not, without the right precaution. A helpful trick to insuring canned food does not explode in the winter weather is to keep them in an unplugged refrigerator. It should be enough insulation to detract the cold, and prevent an exhausting clean-up.

3. Extra, Extra! Wrap All Around It!

Remember those fragile antiques that were first covered in melted cornstarch, then dowsed in a fire hydrant of sugar water? Well they’ve now cracked, split, and become dust at the bottom of your cardboard box from the chaos caused by the cold. The change in temperatures causes materials, like Grandma’s Onie’s vase, to expand and contract, making them very brittle, often resulting in serious damage. A preventative measure is to wrap these priceless items in as much newspaper as you can find. 1. This will insulate them from the cold and 2. You’ll have an extra layer of protection from that case of Radical Raspberry Soda Slop.

3 Tips for a Better Halloween

If you’re like us, you love Halloween! You love the horror movie marathons, the insane decorations, the ghouls and goblins, and of course the candy. But as soon as Halloween is upon us, and you are questioning “Fun” in “Fun Size,” after your 13th Snickers, it’s over. November 1st is here and it’s no longer festive to still have that cotton spiderweb decoration all over your door. Here are 3 tips to make packing simpler and next Halloween a chilling breeze.

Categorize and Label

Nothing is more frustrating than pulling out decorations for Halloween and ending up with a box of old clothes, a Thanksgiving Cornucopia, and your grandmother’s Nativity Scene all sitting in your living room. Labeling boxes may be tedious, but it is necessary to keep everything categorized and easily accessible. Trust us. You will be thanking yourself next year, when it doesn’t take you more than two minutes to find that old Wilma Flintstone costume to throw on for your office party.

Pack Simple to Complex

Maybe this year’s Halloween is a bit over the top. Chris may have decided it’d be a great idea to erect the entire cabin-face from Evil Dead, to scale, with a distraught Ash Williams and his signature chainsaw out front. Without a doubt, next year has got to be scaled back. Pack the over sized and obscene towards the back, leaving simpler items easier to reach. Don’t worry about how your husband will feel, just tell him “Ash is off to another dimension fighting the second coming of The Army of Darkness.” He’ll understand what that means.

Pack Heavy to Light

Often we find ourselves throwing things into the abyss that is our garage or attic, hurrying the process, only to get Frankenstein’s monster off our front porch. But, when a 400 pound fictional creature is thrown on top of a Party City “Gallon of [Fake] Blood,” you’ve created a serious mess and a questionable crime scene. It’s important to pack heavier items towards the bottom to avoid situations like these.

So go buy some labels, clean the blood off your hands, and have a great Halloween!