Melrose Park Celebrates: Taste of Melrose Park

For the past 34 years, the village of Melrose Park has adorned your forks with the Taste of Melrose Park, and this year marks its 35th Anniversary!

The event is free and will feature food items from the community at $3 or less! The event will also feature plenty of activities for kids, 40 Arts and Crafts Booths, Government and Business Information Booths,  as well as three stages of entertainment. Finally, on Sunday night the Taste of Melrose Park will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display.

Parking is also free, as well as the event’s shuttle service.

Directions to the Taste of Melrose Park

The Taste of Melrose Park is located at 901 25th Ave, Melrose Park 60160. Our Melrose Park storage facility is located 2 miles away at 4501 W North Ave, Melrose Park 60160. From U-Stor-It Melrose Park, directions to the Taste of Melrose Park are as follows:

  • From the Parking Lot of U-Stor-It Melrose Park turn RIGHT on W North Ave.
  • Take a U-TURN at the intersection of S 46th Ave and W North Ave, traveling EAST on W North Ave.
  • Turn RIGHT onto 25th Ave, travel past the Melrose Park Village Office and arrive on your destination, the Taste of Melrose Park on your RIGHT.

Quick Guide to Moving Boxes

Pulling together all your knickknacks may seem stressful, but let’s take the stress out of it. With a few good organizing techniques and the right boxes, your packing will be done in no time and take the confusion out of the dreaded unpack.

Use Moving Boxes

Buying new, extra duty boxes is definitely a must for packing your most fragile items. Boxes that have already been through the trials of a previous move could be more prone to collapsing or tearing. Hardware stores, professional movers, and self storage companies all should have a good selection of boxes right for your moving needs. If you are looking to get technical, ask for Heavy Duty, Double Walled, ECT 44 boxes. A tank of cardboard.

Keep Similar Items Together

Boxing up items together seems like a no brainer, but for good measure lets discuss. Start in one location. Your bedroom. Kitchen. Garage. Wherever. Focus on this area until you can check it off your list. Try your best not to mix in items from other rooms. Group together items of similar sizes and shapes. (Blu-Rays and DVDs are a great place to start, since they all have the same general shape).

“A trick to protecting smaller items or preventing them from being thrown away is wrapping them in bright colored tissue paper or Christmas wrapping paper. No doubt they will stand out and be an easy reminder to handle with care.”

-Gloria, Assistant Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage South Loop

Wrap it Up

This is probably one of the most tedious tasks, but you’ll be thanking yourself later after you have a mishap or two. “At least we wrapped Nona’s fine China!”

For plates, packing individually is definitely the route you should take. Wrap each one in packing paper, and then you can take the opportunity to wrap bundles of plates and dishes (5-6) together with more paper).

“When placing them in your boxes, vertically is recommended, never flat, while using plenty of paper as cushion.”

-Phillip, Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage Lisle / Naperville

Cups and bowls can be wrapped in a much simpler fashion. These can be placed inside of one another (with paper in between), and then wrapped in your packing paper with 3-4 per bundle.

Use Dividers

For extra protection, boxes with insertable or built-in dividers can be purchased from your local self storage facility. These are best used for stemware and your best glasses. If you choose to go this route, definitely invest in bubble wrap to wrap each glass. These cups you typically do not want to place inside of one another.

Seal and Label Clearly

Nothing is more annoying than not knowing where your copy of your wedding tape is (or maybe your prized 1911 Ty Cobb baseball card, you swear is in mint condition), so why not take the time to label your boxes. It’s easiest to label each boxes specifically for its future destination, with a short list of its contents.

“A step ahead of this would be numbering each box and keeping an inventory in a notebook. It’s a simple trick to make sure nothing goes missing in a large move.”

-Paola, Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage San Diego

A box is useless in storage without the proper sealing technique. You are going to want to make sure everything is sealed tight, and strong enough to prevent collapses. First tape across the top flaps of your box, making sure to cover everything, then tape across the flaps.

“Taping across the flaps helps to prevent the box from collapsing when stacked in storage, ultimately accomplishing your main goal -protecting your belongings.”

-Julio, Manager of U-Stor-It Self Storage Melrose Park

We hope that these tidbits about boxes have been at least a little helpful. When you have the right materials and with the right organization, packing, wrapping, and stacking you know your things will be safe. Good luck with your move!