Hosting Thanksgiving in a Small Space

Thanksgiving dinner can be an unnerving task for anyone, but it can be especially daunting when you decide to host Thanksgiving at your small apartment. With limited space and no dedicated dining area, many people may shy away from hosting a dinner party of this caliber. Don’t fret! Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to refrain from entertaining. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect Thanksgiving feast in a small space.

Rearrange Your Space

In a small apartment, you’ll need to get creative with the limited space available. Take a look at your living space and move things around to accommodate your needs. Maybe move your dining tableto the living room and take your coffee table out. Make space in the living room by pushing furniture against the walls or removing it altogether. You can also gain more space throughout your apartment by using your bedroom as a storage area for the day. All unnecessary pieces of furniture can be temporarily moved to your bedroom to create less clutter and more seating in other rooms.

Thanksgiving Dinner, Holidays

No Table? No Problem!

Look around your space for anything that could be converted into a usable dining surface big enough to accommodate your Thanksgiving feast. Everything from kitchen carts to desks to pieces of plywood with a table cloth over it are fair game. Push everything together to form a big table. Don’t stress if it doesn’t look perfect. Or if you want to go table-less, all you need are floor pillows and a coffee table or two. Allow guests to sit wherever they please. Anything from couches to folding chairs work.

Helping Hands

Solicit help from good friends and loving family members. Assign guests a side dish to bring. It takes the pressure off of you to man everything in the kitchen, so you can focus on the staples. Just be sure to keep track of who’s bringing what so you don’t end up with 3 of the same dishes. After dinner is done, ask everyone to help clear the dishes and at least rinse everything off. The faster the clean-up, the sooner everyone can get back to mingling.

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Don’t Stress

In the end, it’s important to remember that a successful Thanksgiving dinner party with your guests depends on your attitude. Instead of setting up impossible standards for the event, realize that the opportunity to get together and enjoy each other’s company is the whole reason for the holiday. Be sure to keep it spontaneous. Don’t stress over any plans for entertaining. Guests won’t remember that the tables didn’t line up or that the chairs didn’t match; they’ll just remember the food and the wonderful company they shared, so accept the flaws and go with the flow.

U-Stor-It Fall Festival Fun!

Halloween came a day early last week on October 30th at U-Stor-It of Carol Stream/ Wheaton and U-Stor-It of Beverly. U-Stor-It hosted two Fall Festivals which were complete with free pumpkins, Halloween goodies, and fun for the whole family to enjoy! For those of you who did not attend, here are some snapshots from the Carol Stream/ Wheaton Fall Festival!

U-Stor-It, Office, Fall Festival, Halloween

The Carol Stream/ Wheaton U-Stor-It office was well decorated with pumpkins, leaves, and fun Halloween characters.

Fall festival, storage units, caution tape, Halloween, decorations

zombies, halloween, fall festival, U-Stor-It

pumpkin hunt, free pumpkins, halloween, u-stor-it, fall festival

All of the guests were led on a “pumpkin hunt” to find their free pumpkins! They had to go through the entirety of the facility to find them and were met with some spooky surprises!

Free pumpkins, Fall Festival, U-Stor-It, Family Fun

This family successfully found where all the pumpkins were hiding and got to pick out their favorite one to carve!

goodie bags, U-Stor-It, Halloween, free candy, Fall Festival

Halloween, U-Stor-It, Fall Festival

After the pumpkin hunt, all of the attendees went back to the office to pick up their free goodie bag and U-Stor-It Halloween coloring page!

Starwars, U-Stor-It, Halloween, Fall Festival, Free Pumpkins

Fall festival, trick-or-treaters, Halloween, U-Stor-It, Free Pumpkins, Free Candy

However no Fall Festival is complete without some creative Halloween costumes! Here are a few of our favorite Trick-or-Treaters, Yoda and ObiWan Kenobi and some fun Halloween inspired outfits!

Family Fun, Fall Festival, U-Stor-It, Halloween, Free Pumpkins, Free Candy

The Fall Festival was the perfect event to jump start the Halloween Weekend for the whole family!

Thank you to everyone that attended the events and helped make them so successful. We hope you all had a very fun and safe Halloween!

Keep checking the blog and like our Facebook page to be on the lookout for more events happening at any of our U-Stor-It locations throughout the Chicagoland area! Also, do not forget to bring in your toys for the Toys for Tots toy drive happening now until December 6th at all of our locations. Additional information about the do’s and don’t’s of the toy drive are on our blog!

Other U-Stor-It locations in Chicagoland: Streamwood, Auburn-Gresham, and Lisle.