U-Stor-It Streamwood Event!

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U-Stor-It Self Storage Streamwood Summer Celebration

We had a great time at the Streamwood Summer Celebration! We hope you did too! We spoke to about 100 families about our self storage facility in Streamwood.  We handed out tons of hats, shirts, keychains, and toys for the kids! This year a promotional spinning prize wheel was included to our booth, and it was a huge hit!

If we spoke at the event, please come visit us! And if you could not make it out to the festival, we would still love to meet with you! We still have plenty of promotions specials available for the end of Summer!

Please keep a look out for some of the other events we have planned all around the Chicagoland area, at some of our other facilities in Carol Stream / Wheaton, Beverly, and Lisle! Our new promotional wheel will be featured at these events too! Look forward to the giveaways!

Speaking of upcoming events, our self storage facility in the Chicago neighborhood of Auburn Gresham is hosting a new Back to School event August 15th, where we will be handing out backpacks and school supplies to the local elementary school students in the area. Everything has arrived at the storage facility, and we are now preparing for the big day! It is going to be a great time, that you surely will not want to miss.

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Back to School with U-Stor-It Self Storage in Auburn Gresham Chicago

Summer Celebration with U-Stor-It Self Storage of Streamwood!

U-Stor-It Self Storage of Streamwood will be participating in Streamwood’s Summer Celebration this weekend! The event will be taking place July 24, 25, and 26th at Hoosier Grove Park (Look for the event hours and address below, to copy and paste into your smart phone’s Maps App, if you are unfamiliar to the area).

This year, there will be a “Christmas In July” theme to the event. An incredible amount of activities will be featured at the event, that you will surely not want to miss: The Annual Celebration Parade and Carnival rides (of course), food vendors, BINGO, a Children’s Stage, and a Golf Tournament among other fun activities.

And don’t forget to stop by the Business Expo Tent! We will be running a prize wheel with giveaways all weekend! Stop by Booth #20 and check out some of the awesome prizes we will have and ask about our self storage facility on Irving Park Road! We have new self storage promotions running for a limited time. Also, please check in soon after through your various Social Media channels, because we will be posting pictures from the event!

For any questions, visit streamwoodsummercelebration.org. A full event line up and much much more information is available to get you even more excited for the weekend at the Streamwood Summer Celebration!

Hoosier Grove Park
700 W Irving Park Rd
Streamwood, IL 60107

Business Expo Tent Hours
Friday, July 24: 5pm – 10pm
Saturday, July 25: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday, July 26: 12pm – 5pm

For any questions, visit streamwoodsummercelebration.org. A full event line up and much much more information is available, to get you even more excited for the weekend at the Streamwood Summer Celebration!

If you can’t make the Streamwood Summer Celebration, try visiting us August 15th at U-Stor-It Self Storage of Auburn Gresham for our Back To School event, presented by Alderman Howard B Brookins Jr., where we will be giving out backpacks and school supplies to the local elementary school students in the area.

Keep checking back in to our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages, because we will be announcing more events at some of our other self storage facilities in Carol Stream / Wheaton, Beverly, and Lisle!


Back to School with U-Stor-It Self Storage presented by Alderman Howard B Brookins Jr

This August, U-Stor-It Self Storage will be donating backpacks and school supplies to the local students of the Auburn Gresham neighborhood in Chicago, IL. The event will be hosted at the U-Stor-It Self Storage located at 8737 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60620 on August 15th, 2015. This event will be hosted in collaboration with Alderman Howard B Brookins Jr. Starting at 10am, the self storage provider will of course be providing backpacks filled with school supplies for the local elementary school students and serving some food and beverage for those that choose to stay partake in the some of the activities planned.

Adults are not able to pick up the supplies alone. Students must be present upon arrival.

For more information, please contact U-Stor-It at 773-779-1090.

For more events and opportunites, stay tuned for more updates at www.ustorit.com. More events will be announced soon at the other U-Stor-It Self Storage facilities around the Chicagoland area.

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U- Stor-It Self Storage Streamwood


3 Ideas for a Shame Free 4th of July

How is it July already? It just seemed like it arrived..uninvited, leaving us unprepared for summer. Suddenly, you’ve been invited to Craig’s place down the street for an Independence Day BBQ and you’ve got nothing planned. How he was prepared? Who knows? Some people just live to grill. Flashes of embarrassment shoot through you’re mind. Suddenly, you feel as uninvited as July.

Two days until the 4th should be enough time to prepare something to bring to Craig’s right? Don’t doubt yourself. You won’t be the embarrassment bringing the Nth bag of tortilla chip to the party. You planned. You prepared. You prepped.

Here are a few ideas, to save you the humiliation and shame.  This weekend what we aim for is satisfaction. The satisfaction of the perfect high five. Excellent form. Thunderous pitch, timbre, and tonality. You’ll earn it. A perfect 10.


The Starter: Brown Sugar Smokies
You will not regret making these. They work for any occasion. Plus, the fact that they are wrapped in bacon just makes these little bites of heaven a win for you all day long.


– 1 pound of bacon
– 1 cup of brown sugar
– 1 package of smokie sausages (about 16 ounces)

The Prep
– Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
– Cut the strips of bacon into thirds
– Wrap each smokie with a cut of bacon, and secure with a tooth pick
– Place on a baking sheet
– Sprinkle brown sugar over your bacon wrapped smokies

– 20 Minutes
– (If you don’t want to make it to July 4th 2016, pour the bacon “extract” on top)

– It’s bacon, no one cares. Just make them easily accessible.


The Side: Grandma’s Corn Pudding
You may or may not be a grandmother, but after serving anyone this… I don’t know where I’m going with this. But trust me, this recipe is incredible.


– 2 cans of cream corn
– 1 can of whole kernel corn
– 1/2 cup milk
– 1/3 cup butter, melted
– 5 eggs
– 1/4 cup white sugar
– 4 tablespoons cornstarch

The Prep
– Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees F
– Lightly grease a casserole dish
– In a large bowl, beat the eggs
– Add the sugar, milk, and melted butter
– Whisk in the cornstarch
– Stir in corn and creamed corn
– Blend as best you can
– Pour into your pre-greased casserole dish

– Bake for 1 hour


The Dessert: Red, White, and Blueberry Popsicles
It’s sure to be a warm 4th of July, so why not create a themed icy treat that will surely have people raising you over their shoulders?!


– 2 cups Greek Yogurt (plain or honey, just make sure it’s white)
– 2 cups blueberries
– 2 cups strawberries, hulled (it means cut, don’t worry, I had to look it up too)

The Prep
– Pour yogurt into popsicle molds so they are about 1/3 full
– Blend your blueberries so they are smooth
– Add your blueberries to your molds, making sure to leave room for the strawberries
– Blend your strawberries and fill the remaining area of the mold
– Add a popsicle stick to each mold

– I mean Freeze (For about 4 hours)


Preparing just one of these will surely earn you that high five. We suggest only bringing 1 of these items. In two days, it may be difficult to do it all. We don’t want you cracking under the pressure. Plus, no one likes a show off. If you do, you can surely have to kiss your high five goodbye.

We at U-Stor-It hope this helped. Enjoy! If you are planning a move this weekend, we have a special Independence Day Sale going on at all our facilities throughout the Chicagoland area in Streamwood, Lisle, Carol Stream, Beverly, and Auburn Gresham. However, we will be closed Saturday in observance of the holiday. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!