Wheaton, IL. One of America’s Safest Cities.

Last year, NeighborhoodScout performed a study to rank the Top 100 Safest Cities in the U.S. We are proud to say that we serve #31 on this list, Wheaton IL! Now you may be thinking, “Thirty-One? That’s not so impressive.” Well to put it into perspective, considering the United States has 35,000 cities and towns, Wheaton is actually in the .089th percentile when it comes to safety. In addition, they have also found Wheaton, IL to have an overall crime rate that is 71% lower than other communities in Illinois.

So you may be asking yourself, how NeighborhoodScout is able to rank 35,000 cities? They take into account a city’s population and the type of crimes per thousand residents, as well as the active law enforcement agencies in the U.S. (municipal police, county sheriff, park and port police, campus police, etc.)

Chance of becoming a Victim of a Crime
Wheaton, IL: 1 in 109
America Overall: 1 in 32

NeighborhoodScout was even able to separate violent crime and property crime to provide the most accurate representation of Wheaton. The combination of the two, labeled under the blanket term “crime,” can often be skewed by certain metrics. Below is an example of how they are separated.

Violent Crime: armed robbery, assault, rape, and murder.
Chance of becoming a Victim of a Property Crime in Wheaton, IL
1 in 1578.

Property Crime: burglary, motor vehicle theft, victim of arson, or larceny.
Chance of becoming a Victim of a Property Crime in Wheaton, IL
1 in 118.

For those of you in living in Wheaton, surely you are as proud as we are to call Wheaton home! Hopefully these statistics did not frighten you, but if they did, you may want to consider relocating to Zionsville, Indiana – listed as America’s Safest City. If you’d like to find out more about Wheaton’s rating or any other city on the list, check out the links below!


U-Stor-It Self Storage of Lisle Gives Back

“U-Stor-It Self Storage is proud to be a sponsor for Kiwanis Club of Lisle. They are an organization comprised of business leaders and activity community members from various areas of Chicago, IL all working in collaboration to serve the greater community.”

The Kiwanis Club of Lisle is hosting a pancake day that has delicious food and many prizes available to win through a raffle!  This is an exciting opportunity created to help benefit the less fortunate of Lisle! All funds generated  will go towards providing Thanksgiving food baskets and supporting children and families that are in need.

The event will be taking place this Saturday April 11th,  from 7:00 am – 11:00 am at Lisle Junior High School located at 5207 Center Street in Lisle, IL 60532.

So if you are free this Saturday, come in hungry and leave happy, knowing that you were part of an event that benefits the community! You might even be the one walking away with a pair of baseball tickets, gift certificates, or more!

To learn more about the Kiwanis Club and what they do,  please visit www.kiwaniscluboflisle.org.