Kitchen Storage Tips

Do you ever feel that you would have the perfect kitchen if you had just one more inch of room. You are not alone. In my case, I still have not found the perfect place to store utensils…utensils! With abstract kitchen designs, it can be difficult to find room for that new Vitamix 6300. Here are a few storage tips to save for some extra room in your kitchen.


Cereal Containers
We love our pets. We love to feed them right. However, its difficult to find space for their kibble when all we can find is labeled “BIG food for BIG dogs!” You order one bag and it arrives on a pallet at the shipping yard. One solution is to pour their food into cereal containers. They don’t spill, they aren’t completely awkward to use (think every time you’ve tried to pour a huge bag of dog food), they fit easily into cabinets, and most importantly they save space! They are a simple, cheap, and easy solution.


Chalkboard Organization
For some, baking is a hobby, for others it’s therapeutic, and for the rest of us…it’s frustrating. Losing measuring cups and tablespoon utensils can turn a simple afternoon of baking into a complex math equation, starting with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and ending with a burnt bundt cake and a whisk shaped hole in your wall. A simple solution can just be through organization, a can of chalkboard paint, and mountable coat hanger rack. This is an excellent way to not only a creative way keep track of your utensils, but will save you plenty of drawer space.


Cleaning Supplies
As we grow older, we stop fearing what is underneath the bed and start dreading the horrors that could be lurking underneath our kitchen sink. By adding a tension rod, you will be able to hang cleaning supplies, leaving plenty of room for bins to hold sponges, gloves, and the gremlin you weren’t supposed to feed passed midnight.


Unopenble Drawers
What’s more frustrating than an unopenable drawer? This fix is a bit more advanced, but you’ll be thanking yourself for the extra room once you complete this little project. With a couple hinges, 6 screws, and a plastic tray you’ve developed another compartment fit myriad items!

The Right Moving Truck for You

Moving is always a stressful time. Whether you are moving to Beverly Hills, Southern California or Beverly Hills, Chicago; no matter how much you plan, organize, pack and store, things always tend to go awry. So, it’s important to get one thing correct during your move; the truck. If you rent a truck that is too large, well then your efforts are not cost effective. And if you rent a truck that is too small, causing you to unpack and get the next size up, or take multiple trips; you’ve then wasted precious time and money. To avoid kicking yourself later, ask yourself one important question; “How much stuff do we have?”

One of the simplest ways to get a good idea is to go through your home, room by room and take note of everything (large pieces of furniture) that will not fit in your standard storage boxes. Once you have your list in hand, visit your local truck dealer and follow their guidelines, which usually follow two common methods:

A) Number of Rooms
Usually, there should be a list of trucks displayed with their corresponding room size. Although this is a great time saver, it’s basically a guesstimate of the average bedroom or studio apartment. If the rooms in your home have quite a lot of furniture, it’d probably be beneficial to look into a truck that is one size larger than is suggested. This rule of thumb also applies to a room that contains very little furniture. In any case, here are some trucks and their corresponding sizes to give you an idea.

Cargo Van: An Average Studio Apartment
12 to 15 Foot Trucks: 3 Rooms or Less
20 Foot Trucks: 4 to 5 Rooms
24 to 26 Foot Truck: Between 6 to 8 Rooms

B) Cubic Feet
Some companies tend to give you the trucks physical size, rather than a generalization that you may find to be inaccurate, making you rethink your decision to decline your acceptance into Bongo’s Clown College of Beverly. For this, it might just be easiest to plug all your dimensions into an online calculator and go from there. Take note that it is probably beneficial to allow 150-200 cubic feet per room for a general miscalculation of space. Remember, this is also an estimate.

– Consider adding insurance: It may seem unnecessary when you are rushing through the rental agreement, however you would be surprised how much a side mirror cost to replace.
– Do not forget to take into account anything that outside (barbecues, patio furniture, trampolines, etc.)
– Consider a larger truck