New Facility in the Auburn Gresham Neighborhood!


Our newest facility has opened over at 88th and Ashland in the Auburn Gresham Neighborhood of Chicago. If you are looking for a great place to store your belongings  keep your items clean and safe throughout the winter. Stop on by our newest facility, we have two great U-Stor-It employees there, John and Penney, who can help you find a unit that is easily accessible and at the right price!

We are excited to become a part of the Auburn Gresham neighborhood and work with individuals in the community in need of storage. If you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop in and say “hi” and see some of the great discounts and deals we are having for the winter season.


3 Ways to Prepare for Chicago Winter

Are you ready for another Chicago Winter, probably not, but really who is these days they seem to be getting worse and worse.

1. Put your ride to rest.

You have finally bought that new hot rod you have always wanted, but summer is coming to a close and you have nowhere to put it. Rusting, fluids, antifreeze there is a lot of maintenance if your not driving it around all winter long. Consider putting it away until spring and stay worry free.

2. Clean your Garage

If you are asking yourself ” Do I really need three lawnmowers, four weedwackers, 17 flowerpots, 12 hammers, 8 different tool kits, and a dozen or so chainsaws” the answer is probably no. You will sit there wondering where all your space went until summer and unmotivated to move until the weather gets warmer. Consider cleaning out the garage taking another go at it in the spring, and give your self some room so you can finally build that man cave you’ve always wanted.

3. Mid-Winter Escape

We all get that feeling around January, February and we want out, Chicago has done it again! The snow and cold has left us with that feeling that we need a corona on a beach. You are sitting at your home watching your brand-new outdoor patio furniture destroyed by another snowstorm. Avoid the hassle and financial burden and save yourself the time and energy to keep that perfectly matched patio furniture ready for next summer.

The Age of the Apartments

A trend we are seeing in the marketplace in major cities across the U.S. are  as more and more millennials continue to gravitate towards convenience and location of living in desirable areas, are small urban dwellings under 400 sqft. While living in these micro apartments may give you savings in your bank account along with conveniences to be in the new hippest neighborhood in town, you may be leaving things behind which cause a larger financial impact in the long run. Aside from the fact you can pick up and leave in a moments notice to a new city, vacation or travel, throwing out these goods may not be the answer to a carefree, minimalist life in a big city.

A reality that comes along with living in these micro apartments and tossing out couches, tables, chairs, desks so you can into an overpriced condo is that you will eventually need all of these things again.

This causes a financial impact on young adults who will eventually need most of these items again if they ever decide to move into an apartment with that extra 200sqft or den, or office.

Millennial’s have all been actively endorsing vintage items, re-usable goods, and stylish family heirlooms over the years, but have consistently been eliminating these possessions from moves, travels, and new roommates.

A great solution to think about is self-storage in larger cities, with the option to avoid a financial burden later on and still have access to items which can help fill your new place when your done traveling, or have kids, even moving into a cheaper neighborhood with a larger place.An excellent option to keep these items at a minimal cost with a potentially huge reward later on and hopefully vintage items to pass onto the next generation!