Important Tips to Driving a Moving Truck or Trailer From South Loop

Have you taken on the challenge of renting a moving truck or trailer? It’s more complex than it may seem. Our South Loop U-Stor-It staff has laid out the guidelines to consider before taking the driver’s seat.

Make Sure You’re Plugged in and Chains Aren’t Dragging

One of the most common mistakes when towing a trailer is forgetting or incorrectly attaching the trailer connections. Without the electrical outlet plugged in you risk getting rear-ended since the drivers behind you will have no knowledge of when you are breaking or signaling for a turn.

Chains often are not tight enough and will drag on the ground creating major sparks. It’s important to make sure the chains hang at least 4 inches off the ground to avoid these sparks and to form the safest connection if the trailer happened to pop off the hitch.

Be Prepared to Back up the Truck or Trailer

You may find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to back up and maneuver your way out. If this occurs you want to be prepared! If you have a trailer be sure to read up on how to back it up. With both a truck and trailer it is extremely helpful to have a passenger that can get out and help you with the navigation. Remember to go slow and be aware of all corners of the vehicle and/or trailer.

Drive Cautiously

The number one piece of advice is to make sure you stay safe by driving slowly. It’s easier than you’d think to get to a high speed while towing or driving a large truck; not only does this put you in danger, but it threatens your belongings as well.

Stay at a max of 55 mph or the marked truck/trailer speed limit on all streets and highways. Hopefully you’ll never have to break hard, but if you do you’ll realize how much better of a situation you’re in if you’re going an appropriate speed.

When approaching stop signs or lights ease off of the accelerator early. The easy speed change will help your loaded items avoid shifting around. Gas efficiency will improve, and your breaks will have a much easier time stopping the load.

Carol Stream Advice: The Biggest Mistakes of DIY Moving

Whether you’ve rented a trailer or own a truck, moving furniture from one place to the next can be a hassle; thankfully our Carol Stream Self Storage team has the tips you can’t afford to miss out on before making your move. The moving process puts a lot on your plate, making it easy to forget or not even think about the little details. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid a disastrous situation!

Avoid Nicking Corners And Scratches

It’s easy to assume your big furniture can hold its own in a move, but corners and framing are much more delicate than the piece itself. Placing a simple blanket over each valuable piece of furniture greatly improves the likelihood of its survival. Once a piece has a blanket, you can stack other furniture on top without the risk of the surfaces scratching one another.

Even Weight Distribution

Why does the wheel keep pulling to the right while driving? If you loaded your trailer unevenly you could be setting yourself up for major consequences. Not only is it dangerous to drive an uneven trailer, but the wear and tear on the vehicle and trailer frame can be costly.

Before loading, assess all of the items that you want to fit in the trailer. Load the heaviest items towards the front of the trailer (the opposite side of the door) and pay attention that both the right and left side are approximately equal in weight. This will assure a much safer trip than otherwise.

Strap Loose Items

Unless the trailer is completely full and all items are secure, it is absolutely necessary to run rope or straps across to avoid items from fumbling around. Test this by pushing a loaded item—if it moves you need to tighten your straps again.

Don’t Try To Do It All On Your Own

Lastly, you may be confident in your strength or the ability of the new dolly you purchased, but moving completely on your own is a surefire way of risking injury or damage to your belongings. Ask a buddy or significant other for assistance—after all, what are friends for?

U-Stor-It Donates $2000 to Monarch School for Homeless Children

For Immediate Release

February 14, 2017
U-Stor-It Donates $2000 to Monarch School for Homeless Children
By Barron Lutes
San Diego, CA – Last December, after matching a Talonvest donation of $1000, members of the Lincoln Park U-Stor-It team were invited to see firsthand the behind the scenes magic of Monarch School.

The Lincoln Park team got to tour the entire camous, and learn all about the culture of the school as well as the difficulties homeless children face daily.

The staff was impressed to find classes are very project and skill oriented. For instance, geometry is paired with woodworking class to stress the application to the real world. This dynamic helps students prepare for life outside of school by both creating a fun and growth-oriented educational experience, and allowing students to explore various career pathways along the way.

“It’s great to know that the money donated is going to such an amazing cause!” – Blake, U-Stor-It Marketing Manager

Monarch School needs your help too! Their annual fundraiser is approaching fast. The school will provide hors d’oeurves, craft beer, wine, a live auction, and student performances. The event is $150 per person all going directly towards the school’s education objectives.

For further information contact Katie Bradel at (619) 652-4100 or or visit the Monarch website at

WHERE: Monarch School, 1625 Newton Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

WHEN: April 27th, 2017 from 5:30PM – 7:30PM

About U-Stor-It Self Storage

U-Stor-It Self Storage, in conjunction with U-Stor-It Managers, their management team, are developers and operators who have entitled, developed, and managed north of 50 properties in the Chicagoland and Southern California regions. Having been in business for 28+ years, they continually seek to improve and enhance the communities in which they serve.

About Monarch School

Monarch School provides schooling K-12 for homeless children of the San Diego area. Located in Barrio Logan, the school handles up to 350 students daily. Monarch’s approach is different than that of most schools; they understand that creating a hands-on and applied learning environment fairs extremely well for students.


Blake Johnston, Marketing

Melrose Park’s Guide to Winter Car Storage

Do you have a summer hobby car, or a two-wheel drive you know has no way of safely navigating the icy roads of winter? It sounds like you’ve stumbled upon adding car storage to your winter prep.

Don’t worry! Thankfully there are multiple ways to safely store your vehicle for the snowy season. Here are the Top 3 options for winter vehicle storage provided by our Melrose Park staff:

  1. Outside Storage

Sometimes we just have to tackle the environment head on, and show it who’s boss. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, and often extremely overlooked, you must find a safe and legal place to store the car. You don’t want any snow plows demolishing the side of your car!
  • Top up your fluids. Your oil should be fresh and clean to prevent corrosion within the engine, and the fuel tank should be just about as full as possible to avoid air build up and expansion from the frigid temperature.
  • To prevent the tires from freezing to the ground, roll them onto a sheet of plywood, carpet, or plastic. Also make sure the tires are at their max PSI so no flat spots develop on the rubber.
  • Purchase a tarp that can cover the entire vehicle, and secure it as tightly as possible. Make sure all crevices are as covered as they can be (you don’t want anything making a home of your car).
  1. Garage Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have an available garage, make sure you don’t stop there! It’s easy to assume your car is safe within your own confines, but there are still measures to be taken.

      • While a tarp is no longer necessary, it is still of major importance to fill holes and crevices to avoid critters from seeking shelter. Put steel wool in the exhaust pipe, and consider mothballs to surround the undercarriage as a secondary line of defense.

– U-Stor-It Melrose Park

  1. Consider a Storage Facility

The winter storage process can be a hassle, why not take the load off and enjoy the luxury of convenience and safety! Many facilities offer ground-floor climate controlled storage units as well as safe and camera monitored outdoor parking.


Beverly Turkey Trot 5K Run and Family Walk

The 8th Annual Beverly Hills Turkey Trot 5K Run and Family Walk is coming your way on Saturday, Nov. 26 starting at 9am. This year is expected to break records for the annual 5k, with over 2,000 participants. For those that have not attended, the event leads walkers, joggers, runners, and spectators through the beautiful tree-lined streets of the historic Beverly neighborhood.

The Beverly Turkey Trot benefits the John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and the 19th Ward Youth Foundation. You are able to register online at the 19th Wards website.

Beverly Turkey Trot Details

Beverly Turkey Trot Pre Registration
Adults: $30
Youth: $20
Unlimited Family Walk: $65

Beverly Turkey Trot Race Day Registration
Adults: $35
Youth: $25
Unlimited Family Walk: $75

Packets to sign up for the event can also be picked up at the following locations.
Private Bank 3052 W 111th St, Saturday, November 12th & 19th,

Running Excels, 10328 S Western, Tuesday, November 22nd,

19th Ward Office, 10402 S Western, Friday, November 25th,

Members of the Chicago Area Running Association will receive a $5 discount, and all participants who are preregistered for the event will receive a gift bag, including a t-shirt. Awards for the The Beverly Turkey Trot will be divided by gender and age.

The Beverly Turkey Trot is starting at the Christ the King Parish Center at 9235 S. Hamilton, Chicago, IL  60643, so get there early. Our Beverly self storage facility is located at 11118 S Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60655, which is luckily only 2.9 miles away.

Directions from to the Beverly Turkey Trot from our Beverly storage facility are as follows

Head on S Rockwell St

Turn RIGHT onto W 111th St from U-Stor-It Self Storage Beverly

Turn LEFT onto Western Ave

Turn RIGHT onto W 99th St

Turn LEFT onto S Leavitt St

S Leavitt St turns RIGHT and becomes W 94th St

Turn LEFT onto S Hamilton Ave

The Beverly Turkey Trot will be on the RIGHT


Festival Of Lights in Wheaton

Coming to Wheaton this November is the highly anticipated Festival of Lights at the Cosley Zoo. Each November the Cosley Zoo is adorned and decorated to become Wheaton’s own Winter Wonderland, with 20,000 Christmas lights, making it truly a spectacular display.

The Festival of Lights will not only have an incredible selection of Christmas trees, but also great holiday gifts, and hot chocolate.

The event begins November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving) and will continue until the end of December. The Cosley Zoo is open daily, from 9am to 9pm, where the lights will typically turn on around 3pm, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the holiday cheer during your visit. All proceeds from the Festival of Lights will go to support the zoo, including its animals, exhibit development, and additional programs.

Our Wheaton self storage facility at 120 Tubeway Dr, Carol Stream, IL 60188 is located about 1 miles away from Wheaton’s Festival of Lights and Tree Sale at 1356 North Gary Ave Wheaton, IL 60187.

Head EAST on Tubeway Dr toward Gary Ave

Turn RIGHT onto Gary Ave

After passing Jewell Rd, Wheaton’s Festival of Lights will be on the RIGHT at the Cosley Zoo.

Chicago Residents Excited For Chicago Humanities Festival

Founded in 1989 as a one day affair, the Chicago Humanities Festival has now blossomed into the 2 week long festival it is today. Starting October 29th, the festival’s series of events happening all over Chicago will showcase smart and entertaining presentations about ideas that matter. From art to politics to Chinese food culture to the history of sleep, these events tackle the most rule-bound ideas to the most existential ones.

Each event ranges between $10 – $12 or $5 for students and teachers. Shows include Andy Warhol’s Photographic Velocity, Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, The Future of Mobility, Jefferson’s Imaginaiton: Annette Gordon-Reed, Chicago’s Culture of Policing, Presto! An Evening with Penn Jillette, and many more.

The Chicago Humanities Festival will be located at 500 N. Dearborn, Suite 825, Chicago , IL 60654, however events are staged in auditoriums and theaters throughout the metropolitan area, including Art Institute of Chicago (Fullerton Hall), Art Institute of Chicago (Rubloff Auditorium), Blanc Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center (Claudia Cassidy Theater), First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple, Four Season Hotel, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Francis W. Parker School (Diane and David B Heller Auditorium), Gallery Guichard, Harold Washington Cultural Center, Harold Washington Library Center (Cindy Pritzker Auditorium), Northwestern University (Cahn Auditorium, Harris Hall Room 107, Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, Thorne Auditorium), and many more.

Our Chicago self storage facility is located about .5 miles away from the Art Institute of Chicago at 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603.

Starting at our Chicago self storage office, head NORTH on S Wabash Ave toward E Harrison St

Turn RIGHT onto E Jackson Blvd

Turn LEFT onto S Michigan Ave

After passing the Art Institute of Chicago’s South Garden, the entrance will be on your RIGHT.

Follow posted signs for elevators.

Naperville 1st Annual Pumpkin Race Festival

READY. SET. GO! To the 1st Annual Naperville pumpkin Race Festival this Saturday, October 15, from 12pm to 5pm at Rotary Hill.

This is surely going to be a fun-spirted event for resident all over the Naperville and Lisle area. Admission is free and the Race will be open to everyone, as it is all ages. Prelim race heats will be between 12pm and 3pm. Winners will then move on to the Final Race at 3:30pm.

The event is hosted by Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, as organization that is assisting children, individuals, and families as they navigate through the lifelong impact of autism.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is a Pumpkin Race.” Remember those timely Boy Scout Pine Wood Derby event? Slap a few wheels on a block of wood, paint it red and you’ve got a car. Well this is the same idea, but with a 15lbs orange pumpkin and dressed up like your favorite Halloween characters.

If this sounds like a challenge you are totally game for here what you need to do.

  1. Purchase a Pumpkin Race Kit for $20 from or from any of the following location Fry Family YMCA, Kroehler Family YMCA, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, Wagner Farm Stand.
  2. Assemble your Pumpkin Race Kit
  3. Bring your finished pumpkin to Rotary Hill on October 15th, 2016 a little before 12pm

Naperville’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Race Festival will be located at Rotary Hill in Riverwalk Park at 445 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540. Our Naperville / Lisle self storage facility is located about 4 miles away at 2100 Ogden Ave, Lisle, IL 60632.

From our storage location, turn RIGHT out of the parking lot onto Ogden Ave

CONTINUE on Ogden Ave

Turn LEFT on Plank Rd to Naperville

CONTINUE onto E 5th Ave

Turn LEFT onto N Columbia Ave

CONTINUE on E Chicago Ave. Drive to Aurora Ave in Naperville Township

Turn RIGHT onto E Chicago Ave

Turn LEFT onto S Washington St

Turn RIGHT onto Aurora Ave, your destination will be on your RIGHT after passing the Naperville Park District and Quarry Lake.

Streeterville hosts Neighborhood SOAR Farmer’s Market

Since June, SOAR or Streeterville Organization of Active Residents has been hosting it’s weekly Farmer’s market every Tuesday at the MCA Plaza (Museum of Contemporary Art).

The Streeterville farmer’s market is an opportunity to connect with local farmers and producers. Providing a vast range of the highest quality fruits & vegetables, cheeses, baked goods, and on-the-go food, the market is a great opportunity to try some of Chicagoland’s local, sustainably raised products. The last two farmer’s markets will be on October 18th and 25th from 7:00am to 2:00pm.

Here is a list of the vendors to date: Breadman, Ellis Family Farms, Gayles Best Ever Grilled Cheese, GottaBCrepes, Iron Creek Farm, J2K Capraio, Karl’s Kraft Soup,Lanes End Farms, LaProvence Bakery, Lyons Fruit Farm, Khlem Growers, Nichols Farm and Orchard, Noffke Family Farms, North Wichert Gardens, Provo Bakery, River Valley Farms, Smits Farm, Mick Klug Farm, Stamper Cheese, Underground Meats.

The farmer’s market is not only for residents of Streeterville, but also Gold Coast and Magnificent Mile residents. Again, the SOAR Farmer’s Market is located at MCA Plaza (Museum of Contemporary Art) at 220 E Chicago Avenue, between Chicago and Pearson, 1 block WEST of Lake Shore Dr, 1 block EAST of Michigan Ave. Our South Loop self storage facility is located less than 2 miles away at 615 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605.

From our storage location, Head NORTH on S Wabash Ave toward E Harrison St

Turn RIGHT at the 1st cross street onto E Harrison St

Continue onto E Congress Plaza Dr

Turn RIGHT onto E Congress Pkwy

Use the LEFT 2 lanes to turn LEFT onto S Columbus Dr

CONTINUE onto N Fairbanks Ct

Turn LEFT onto E Chicago Ave

The Streeterville SOAR Farmer’s Market will be on your RIGHT, after passing Lake Shore Park.

Melrose Park Celebrates: Taste of Melrose Park

For the past 34 years, the village of Melrose Park has adorned your forks with the Taste of Melrose Park, and this year marks its 35th Anniversary!

The event is free and will feature food items from the community at $3 or less! The event will also feature plenty of activities for kids, 40 Arts and Crafts Booths, Government and Business Information Booths,  as well as three stages of entertainment. Finally, on Sunday night the Taste of Melrose Park will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display.

Parking is also free, as well as the event’s shuttle service.

Directions to the Taste of Melrose Park

The Taste of Melrose Park is located at 901 25th Ave, Melrose Park 60160. Our Melrose Park storage facility is located 2 miles away at 4501 W North Ave, Melrose Park 60160. From U-Stor-It Melrose Park, directions to the Taste of Melrose Park are as follows:

  • From the Parking Lot of U-Stor-It Melrose Park turn RIGHT on W North Ave.
  • Take a U-TURN at the intersection of S 46th Ave and W North Ave, traveling EAST on W North Ave.
  • Turn RIGHT onto 25th Ave, travel past the Melrose Park Village Office and arrive on your destination, the Taste of Melrose Park on your RIGHT.